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Hello Everyone!

I have been given the chance to be the Fan Fiction Moderator for this quarter!

I am looking forward to this quarter, and I hope you all are as well! Here's a little bit about me;
My previous user name was @MichelleIbarra (I changed it a few hours ago). My name is Michelle!^^ (duh) I am 16 years old, and my birthday is on November 28. I live in the big state of Texas! I am currently a junior in high school (school is so hard!) My UB is Kim Seokjin! I'm a huge loser for sob/romance stories. I also really like chocolate cake. sorry, that was random.
Anyways, I am looking for a few community supporters! I have a small form that would need to be filled out. It literally only takes about 10 minutes to fill out at the most. ~ EDIT; I have removed the form for various reasons. If you would like to apply for support mod, please message me.

Thank you for reading this card!

Let's have a great quarter everyone, Fighting!~

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@Bangtanss Michelle can help support!!
Congrats Michelle! 💞
@Bangtanss I write stories. Smut, Angst, fluff, romance, boyxboy and ReaderxIdol. oneshot and full story's lol I can help you by making sure everyone follow the rules. I'm always on vingle rather im doing a card. or just stalking others cards xD yes I understand the rule provide by vingle and I always follow rules. I always put warning on my story that there will be mature content in my story's. you should choice me because chu love me and I love you *form a heart above head* xD
girly you don't have me tagged?!??! 😣😣😣😣
I don't??? Oh! Well, I'll tag you! ♡
Congrats babe~ If I had more time, I'd apply again. Good luck to whoever applies!
Thank you!~ I completely understand. c: