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Happy Birthday Shindong!!!!!!!
Hey everyone!!!!! It's the 28th here in the states and you know what that means!!!!!! It's our lovable Shindong's Birthday!!!!!!!!
Let's get to know more about our third in command dancing king
Shindong, I hope you have an amazing birthday and we can't wait to have you come back safely from your military duties!!!!!!!!
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look at my baby! my teddy bear! I'm so happy. It sucks that he got so much hate for his weight in the beginning but I adore him because of it. I'm so proud of him I can't wait for him to come back.
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I can't wait to have our teddy bear back we all miss him so much I hope his having a good birthday I can't wait till his back along with the rest of the members. Shingdon Oppa Hwaiting
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I can't wait for him to come back. <3
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Happy Birthday 오빠! 💙
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