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This is chapter one guys! Hope you enjoy reading my first story! :D
× Chapter 1 × (Hyein's POV) "Hyein!" I hear a mature voice sing out to me. I turn my head, and there stands my little feeble old grandma, standing in her open doorway. I smile and reach up, wiping my forehead sweat off with the back of my hand. It's so freaking hot out here, I am not used to this kind of weather in Minnesota. It feels nice to finally be back in Korea though, after all of these years. I drop my suitcase and run to embrace my grandma, smiling so huge that my lips feel like they might fall off. "Grandma!" I exclaim, hugging her tightly and swaying her. "I missed you!" "I missed you too, Hyein...come, come. Go unpack while I cook our dinner." We pull back from the hug, smiling, and I follow her orders. I walk back to where I dropped my suitcase and bend down to pick it up, but then a strong looking hand pops in front of me and grabs my bag before I can. In surprise, I look up to find a guy standing there, wearing all black with a hat and a face mask on. Why is he even dressed like that? It's so hot he a criminal? I can't see this mysterious guy's face, and he doesn't even have the nerve to look at me. I quickly snatch my suitcase from his grasp and hit him with my purse. "How dare you try to steal my belongings!" I scowl. His eyes widen like saucers at my sudden outburst, and he freezes in his spot, staring at me. "Yeah, that's right. I fought back. You probably aren't used to that, right?!" I shout. "Wait a second, I wasn't stealing anything!" He exclaims. I scoff and roll my eyes. "I'm sick of guys taking advantage of girls just because they seem weak." I mumble under my breath and turn on my heels to walk away. "What?" He asks. "Hey, wait!" He grabs my arm to stop me from walking but I spin around and start whacking him in the face with my purse again. "Ouch! Let me explain!" He yells. I just keep slamming my bag down onto him. "This is what you get for being a thief!" "What is going o- yah! Cha Hyein! Stop hitting the guest!" I quickly stop my violent actions at the sound of my grandma's voice. I turn to see her standing at the doorway again, this time with an apron on. "He was trying to steal my things!" I defend. My grandma puts a thinking face on then looks to the unnamed guy. "Is this true?" "Of course not..I was only trying to help." He states. My grandma looks between us then nods. "Okay." My eyebrows furrow and I gasp. "How can you trust a stranger over me?" "He's not a stranger, him and his friends stay in my extra rooms every summer." My grandma explains. I frown and glare at the guy. "Now stop with the dirty looks and come inside." I sigh and pick up my belongings, shuffling angrily into the house and following my grandma to the room I'll be staying in. I plop all of my bags on the bed and when she leaves, I shut the door and huff. "He's staying here? I'm going to have to be around a guy?" I groan and lay down beside all my bags. I came here to start anew and to catch a break from guys. What is this unlucky fate? - I open my eyes to the sound of singing. Multiple voices singing, and laughing. Where is that even coming from? I must've fallen alseep...I think the jet-lag got to me. I look around the room, it's really dark. I get off the bed and turn the light on, then I look at myself in the mirror. Ew. I look horrible, I desperately need to freshen up. I pull out a flowy, white summer dress and a soft, light weight baby pink sweater to put on over it. I throw my hair into a braid and let it fall over my shoulder. Then I walk into the bathroom and wash my face. Now. Time to find out where those happy voices are coming from. I walk through this big beach house, looking in various rooms to find luggage but no people to be found. So where is that singing coming from? I approach my grandma's room and I peek in, seeing her sound asleep in her bed. I furrow my eyebrows and slowly shut her bedroom door, careful not to wake her up. She needs her rest because she works so hard. I keep searching until I reach the thin, wooden front door. I put my ear up against it and smile, the voices are coming from outside. They sound so amazing, who is it? Baby don't cry, tonight~ I listen to their song for a minute, then I become determined to figure out who these people are. Their harmonies are making my heart beat faster and faster. My hand uncontrollably rests on the doorknob, and I very slowly push open the door. As soon as I open the door, I spot a lot of guys sitting around a fire, singing and laughing to their hearts content. I count them, there's nine. Wow, that's quite a bit. Most of them don't see me right away, but eventually they all turn around and stare right at me, stopping their laughter and songs. My heart starts pounding in my chest. They are all really good looking. Why did I have to walk out? I'm so nervous, why are they not saying anything? "Who are you?" One guy asks bluntly. His question takes me off guard, and my eyes widen slightly. "Well, who are you?" He smiles. "I'm Baekhyun from e-" Just then, a guy with pointy ears covers his mouth. "Baek, we aren't supposed to tell anyone this summer. Remember what happened last summer?" The Baekhyun guy just nods and the pointy eared guy fakes a laugh while uncovering his mouth. "Okay...well..nice to meet you Baekhyun..." I say, unsure of what just happened. " know who we are...right?" One guy adds. I stare at them blankly. " would I? Have we meet before?" They all glance to each other nervously. These guys are weird...what the hell is their problem...? "I'm Cha Hyein by the way..." I comment. "Nice to meet you!" A guy with a warm smile greets. He seems a little more normal than the rest. "You can sit down if you'd like, we are barbecuing some meat!" "'s okay. I'm not hungry.." I smile a little. As if on cue, my stomach growls. Great. Just my luck. I mean, I can't help that I haven't eaten anything since the plane...I fell asleep before I could even taste my grandma's cooking. "Okay, Mrs. I'm not hungry." A guy chuckles. "Just sit down already, we aren't going to bite." "Actually Baekhyun might, he has a tendency to bite us..." Another one adds. I chuckle with the rest of them and then they all start chattering again, talking about how well cooked they want the meat to be, how cold the sea water is, what they're all going to do tomorrow. They're really friendly, but something is strange...I just can't quite put my finger on it. My mind starts to drift off to earlier. I wonder what happened to that good for nothing thief guy. Did he leave? Did he go and try to steal someone else's belongings? I'm finally pulled back to reality when a hand appears in front of my face. "Sorry.." I mumble. "What'd you say?" "You never told us who you are..." A guy states. "I did to...I told you my name is Hyein.." I accuse. "Not your name, who you where you come from and why you're here..." The guy says. I sigh. "I was born in Korea but I've lived in Minnesota since I was four, so I just arrived here from there. My grandma owns this beach house, I can't really say why I moved back to Korea, I just needed a change of scenery that's all.." They all nod. "What about you? Why are you guys here so late?" "We are staying here..we stay here every summer to relax, get some peace and quiet, and play on the beach everyday." Someone explains. "So I guess we're living together from now on..right, Hyein?" A guy smiles brightly, his lips forming a heart shape. I nod and smile. I wish I had a perfect smile like his... Wait a second. The friends of the thief that my grandma mentioned...are they these guys? Then that means... The thief is sitting among us right now. But who is it? I scan every one of their faces closely. Where is that little brat? I don't know which one it is. He had a mask on earlier so I didn't get a good look at his face. "The meat is done!" Someone cheers, interrupting me from my investigation. Someone gently pushes me up from my seat, to line me up to get the delicious smelling food. As I walk up, I trip on a stone that was hiding in the sand, and I fall forward. I close my eyes, expecting a hard impact with the ground, but that never comes. I slowly open my eyes, soaking in the feeling of these strong arms around me. I look straight at the face of my savior. Those eyes...look oddly familiar.... ×××
damn you cliffhanger!!!!! I'm hooked I'm sold I love it already this is so good I can't wait for the next chapter
@vkookie47 Yehet!!!! 😂😂😂 I love that freaking word....Anyways this is an amazing start can't wait for the next chapter
and so... I am... HOOK LINE and SINKER for this! Awesome story Idea!!! also... "where is the little brat" had me in hysterics.. excited for #2
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