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YEEEEEEEEESS!!! As it turns out I'm now the Bleach moderator :D I am so happy so honored and overjoyed that I had to post about it. A huge thank you to Vingle for picking me though I doubt anybody else even applied for it thus my confusion on why not prior to this selection however I appreciate it all the same :3 I have only one problem.

What does a moderator do?

Don't get me wrong I didn't apply not knowing what a moderator does I want to know what does a moderator do in detail. I figure my job or whatever is to post Bleach content polls, make a thingies for the week or a month goal kinda deal like others. But outside of that, what else? Do I goto other people's Bleach post and add them to a specific collection? Not for fun like as a requirement. Or do I just CEO it and tell everybody else what to do? Not that anybody would want to moderate with me.... probably....I dunno maybe maybe not. Could someone help me Dx a link to my guidelines, goals, and rules would be awesome thanks :3 or a detailed explanation :D I'm a stickler for rules but I also like to have a bit of fun so I'm going to do my best as the Bleach moderator :)
@AimeBolanos Cool so it is stuff Figured yah :3 thanks I really needed that now I can charge forward with pride cuz I got some Bleach related ideas I think would be pretty fun :3 ... do I have to post it to the Bleach community or will it do that itself? Sorry to badger you I'm new on the moderator thing and I didn't see a link to guidelines and bunk on the application card TT~TT moushi wake arimasen deshita. 😫😭😫
@AimeBolanos As do I....do you know what I'm supposed to do? @_@
@ZephyrBlaze πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thank you I look forward on working together 😊
@ZephyrBlaze You'll do great!
@AimeBolanos Wait a second I see that your a moderator too :D congrats to you as well :3 let's do our best.
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