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YEEEEEEEEESS!!! As it turns out I'm now the Bleach moderator :D I am so happy so honored and overjoyed that I had to post about it. A huge thank you to Vingle for picking me though I doubt anybody else even applied for it thus my confusion on why not prior to this selection however I appreciate it all the same :3 I have only one problem.

What does a moderator do?

Don't get me wrong I didn't apply not knowing what a moderator does I want to know what does a moderator do in detail. I figure my job or whatever is to post Bleach content polls, make a thingies for the week or a month goal kinda deal like others. But outside of that, what else? Do I goto other people's Bleach post and add them to a specific collection? Not for fun like as a requirement. Or do I just CEO it and tell everybody else what to do? Not that anybody would want to moderate with me.... probably....I dunno maybe maybe not. Could someone help me Dx a link to my guidelines, goals, and rules would be awesome thanks :3 or a detailed explanation :D I'm a stickler for rules but I also like to have a bit of fun so I'm going to do my best as the Bleach moderator :)
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@ZephyrBlaze xD It seems hard but its more fun than you think! Creating cool themes and challenges for your community! Oh and you get to choose 6 people (that are members of the community of course) to become apart of your mod team! And just make sure that what they are posting into the community is Bleach related and isnt... inappropriate at all xD
(oh and you should post this card into the Bleach Community as well x3)
@AimeBolanos Cool so it is stuff Figured yah :3 thanks I really needed that now I can charge forward with pride cuz I got some Bleach related ideas I think would be pretty fun :3 ... do I have to post it to the Bleach community or will it do that itself? Sorry to badger you I'm new on the moderator thing and I didn't see a link to guidelines and bunk on the application card TT~TT moushi wake arimasen deshita. 😫😭😫
@ZephyrBlaze xD No worries I dont mind helping you! You'll actually recieve a message from Vingle giving you link to the guideline and other tips so dont worry about it just yet and yes since you are mod you have to post into the community xD I wish it would just post by itself but no you gotta do it lol
@AimeBolanos do you by any chance know how to do that? I can't find a button allowing me to do that anywhere TT~TT I downloaded Vingle and everything so I could follow the Bleach community thinking that might work but it didn't do anything 😭😭😭
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@ZephyrBlaze no problem! 😊