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Kim Hyun Joong talks about his experience working in Chinese entertainment industry in Korean entertainment show, Incarnation.
hahahahahhahaha @saharjalpari9 yes i do that to :D in everything i watch him i watch first the translation then i gi and restart the vedioo to look only for his expressions <3
@hebamaher i know naaa i like it 2 as he ets lost in his thghts i get lost staring at him lols hehe oppa is def really cute <3
@saharjalpari9 hahahahhahaha yes i notice i like this look soo much :D
@hebamaher i just love it when oppa gets lost in his thghts 2 come up w a best best answer do u notice dat he just looks soo cute at dat time like an innocent baby lols hehe just love oppa :-*
@hebamaher yup yup just love oppa i i wish oppa u can go 2 the moon <3 i just watch dis 4 oppa and he is just sooo awesome <3
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