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Hello and welcome!
The second to last episode of Foreign Flower~ TOP Edition is about to begin!
Second to last!? Yes! That means things are finally going to settle and the truth will be revealed in this and the next episode! Finally! The questions you have been asking will be answered! :D
In case you need to refer back to previous episodes~
----> Episode 5
-----> Episode 6
------> Episode 7
-------> Episode 8
--------> Episode 9
So settle in and enjoy the episode!
I hope ya'll enjoy! :D
{Notice: Mature language ahead- readers discretion is advised}
Episode 10~
The phone shook in your hand as the sound of the door ricocheting off the wall after being pushed inward with great force, echoed throughout the apartment.
Multiple feet rush towards the sound of raw flesh hitting raw flesh.
"Hyung!" the maknae line shout as they appear first through the hallway and run to pry TOP off of the half dead man.
"This guy!?" Taeyang runs to hold the beaten man down on the ground while Ji-Yong approaches you with a gentle hand on your shoulder.
"We'll handle it from here. Go drink some warm tea and lay down. Once hyung cools down, I'll send him to you."
You nod slowly and leave the room, only making it halfway down the corridor before you get pulled back into a tight embrace. Long arms coil around you with hot, panting breathing making its presence known on the back of your head.
"Are you okay?" his husky tone making you shiver.
A new wave of tears unleash from your eyes, "y-yeah. I-I'm okay."
TOP spins you around in his arms so his hands can cup your face to hold you steady as he plants a long soft kiss on your forehead. "I'm so sorry honey, I'm so sorry."
You place your hands over his to keep your fingers from trembling. "It's okay, oppa. It's okay. You didn't know this would happen, I didn't know either. I'm just happy you're always here to save me."
The two of you look back to see Seung-Ri approaching. "I've called the police, we're all going down to the station to question this bastard. It's best you both come to give your testimony about what happened."
TOP nods then turns back to you. "Go grab a jacket, I'll be right here waiting for you."
From inside the bedroom, you hear the sirens of police cars switch off as soon as they pull up to the driveway. Low murmurs capture your attention, making you dart of the room fast enough to catch a glimpse of Dae-Sung and Tae-Yang hoisting up the battered man out the door with Seung-Ri closely behind.
"We'll have to move quickly. Paparazzi have been spotted in the area," Ji-Yong says, making you jump when you didn't notice his presence. He grins at you, "glad you're still breathing. It'd be a shame to see hyung's in-love persona short lived."
You manage a small smile, "thank you for being so close by."
"Don't mention it. Thank Seung-Ri for throwing up right before filming. We had to postpone filming until he feels better."
TOP steps out of the bathroom with fresh bandages wrapped around his knuckles. "let's go."
The flashing lights of the police cars blinded you momentarily but with TOP keeping a firm grip around your waist, you manage to make it down the stairs and into Ji-Yong's car. As Ji-Yong follows the police escort, you notice the row of cars gathered in the neighborhood with their windows rolled down and stare at them until they are out of sight.
<<What's with the cars?>>
Ji-Yong stays closely behind the police escorts while TOP mindlessly rubs your shoulder as his thoughts wonder beyond anything you could imagine.
Ji-Yong parks in front of the police station and kills the engine, making TOP jump out of the car and run around to open your door and help you out. His hand finds your own as you two make your way inside the station.
"Hyung, keep it together here. We don't need unnecessary law suits from this scum," Ji-Yong states.
"I'll try not to," TOP responds, giving your hand a small squeeze.
The scene itself felt unreal to you, even though the attack happened not even a full hour ago, it all seemed unreal, as if you were only having a crazed dream.
You meet up with the rest of the members that stood outside a small room.
"What's going on?" Ji-Yong asks.
"He's going under interrogation right now. The police is trying to get information out of him so it may take a while," Dae-Sung answers.
"He's not budging. Just keeps laughing," Tae-Yang reports.
You shiver. <<laughing? What kind of twisted person would take all that as a joke?>>
"Laughing?" TOP growls.
"Hyung, it's okay. We'll get it out of him. Tsk. You think you know a guy, right?" Seung-Ri shakes his head.
<<But laughing? Why would you laugh over something like this!?>> You clench your available fist and close your eyes to breathe out slowly.
Ji-Yong turns to you, "Had he ever said anything to you? Done anything that could rub him the wrong way?"
"Of course she hasn't. His duties are to assist the boss with whatever chore that needs tending to. Her job is to deal with the paperwork. You all know this," TOP declares.
"Hyung, I'm only making sure. We need to help the police figure out his motive so they can sentence his ass," Ji-Yong retorts back.
"But why would he do such a thing? Out of everyone we've ever talked to and grown to know, why him? Even the boss couldn't believe us over the phone," Dae-Sung adds.
"Does it matter now? If he did this, then he sure as hell was behind the attempt to abduct her from her apartment!" TOP fumes in a low voice.
<<He's right. If he tried to pull shit now, then he's the one trying to get rid of me since then..... but what did I do? We barely talk.....>>
"What can we do to make him talk-"
"I'll make him talk!" TOP roars.
You let go of TOP's hand and step around him, heading straight into the interrogation room and opening the door.
The sight of him repulsed you. The way his face carved out a smile when your eyes locked created red flags all over your conscious mind, but it also ignited your adrenaline.
"Are you really going to come in here without your body guards?" he smiles.
A dark shiver runs down your spine. "Why are you smiling?"you ask through your teeth.
"Because I might as well make sure you never forget how much I despise you even though I lost."
You narrow your eyes and step further into the room, shutting it behind you. "What did I ever do to you?"
"You sure you want to lose the door like that? Ah, but I bet your bodyguards are on standby just in case, right?"
"Stop calling them my bodyguards and answer me!"
He throws his head back laughing. "God, I should have just gotten ride of you while I had the chance that night. I actually lost track of you for a good ten minutes- figured you ran somewhere but isn't hard to run with high heels?"
"What are you talking about?"
Your thoughts flash back to the night you noticed the same car passing by you multiple times while you headed towards BigBang's comeback celebration party. The same night TOP walked you back.... the night you almost kidnapped.
"If I would have known you would get in with one of the members, I would have eliminated you sooner. God you're full of surprises, it's revolting."
"Wha- why? What wrong did I do to you-"
"You took the fucking job. A job where you shouldn't have lasted three weeks in. Do you know how fucking annoying it is to see your own boss favor a new comer after years of working hard as his right hand? You're a damn foreigner! You're worth nothing here! I don't understand why the public even gave you that pitiful title. You're not a fucking flower, you're a weak weed that's latching off of those who actual have value."
You stand there motionless, with your jaw completely dropped. "Seriously? That's it? You tried to kill me just because of some childish reaso-"
"Bitch, you took my fucking job from me. I am nothing but a goddamn dog in YG and that all started the moment you set foot in the building. I worked hard for my title unlike yourself. I could taste the promotion, the money I would be rolling in, but you took that and became buddy buddy with the BigBang, making them your fucking guard dogs-"
You lunge at him, knocking his chair backwards to the ground and your fist collided with his jaw.
The door swings open and TOP immediately grabs onto you, holding you back from lunging at the laughing man again.
"How dare you call them that. I may not have had the same kind of hardships you had, but I work for YG because I value the artists and their fans, not for the fame or the fucking money," you hiss at him.
"Come on, we'll let the legal team get the situation in order now that things have been cleared," TOP whispers in your ear.
He pulls you out of the room as the man that had helped you adjust to your job at YG Entertainment, laid strapped to his chair and laughing on the ground.
<<That was it?>>
Seung-Ri scoffs, "That was it? That bastard, I outta-" He stops, clutching onto his stomach and bending forward.
"Well, at least that got him talking, way to pack a punch," Dae-Sung smiles.
"Let's go home before I actually end up smashing his face in," TOP says, running a hand through his dark locks.
"You don't have to tell me twice," you grumble back, making TOP grin.
"Take my car, I'll get a ride with Young-Bae," Ji-Yong hands TOP his keys.
TOP grabs your hand and twines his fingers with yours then guides through the station, stopping in front of the door when an officer blocks the way.
"Sir, you may want to take the back door. There are a lot of them out there, we won't be able to keep them under control."
TOP sighs, "there's no way we could possibly get away with sneaking past them either since my neighborhood was crawling with paparazzi when we made our way over. We'll just deal with them, thanks."
<<Paparazzi..... oh shit.>>
The officer bows then opens the door, igniting the explosion of flash cameras and questions. TOP lets go of your hand to wrap his arm around your shoulders and press you to his body while he pushed towards Ji-Yong's car.
Your jacket gets tugged and pulled in different directions, making TOP push harder through the crowd to get you to safety once again.
"How long have you two been together!?"
"So it has been confirmed!?"
"Why are you two here!?"
"Foreign Flower, what do you have to say about keeping your relationship to TOP?"
Making it to the car became easier when the police officers started to blow whistles to keep the peace in order. You climb inside the car and buckle up as TOP hurries to the opposite side and turns the car on, buckling his seat belt after you two get on the main road.
"Where are we going?" you ask, the adrenaline from socking someone and then surviving the paparazzi still running through your veins.
"The only place that shouldn't be crawling with flashing cameras right now and may be enough to distract us from tonight, my sister's house."
With a warm smile and a deep bow, TOP's sister greets you the moment she sees you. "I have seen your work on television and even SeungHyun has talked a great deal about you. I'm glad I finally get a chance to meet you."
You bow back and try to control your smile from becoming too dorky. "he has talked about me?"
She grins, dimples on both sides of her face like her younger brother. "Of course he has. I knew you'd be the girl to capture his heart the second I laid eyes on you when you made your first public appearance."
"Noona!" TOP exclaims. "Don't make me stay at mom's!"
She raises an eyebrow, "really SeungHyun? You're going to go stay at mom's? Knowing mom will pull out all the photo albums of your chubby self and watch you squirm in embarrassment?"
TOP opens his mouth to speak then quickly closes it. You giggle at his silent response.
"I don't have an extra room but I'll bring out the bedding and set it in the living room," TOP's sister smiles at you.
"Eomma! Is that uncl-" The little feet that came running out of the kitchen stop for a brief second then continue running to hide behind his mother's legs.
"Yeon Jun, say hello to our guest," TOP's sister pushes her son around her legs and towards you.
He stares up at you with a bashful expression then bows respectfully.
"That's my boy," TOP grins, squatting down to give his nephew a high five.
Yeon Jun looks up at you again then to TOP, "uncle, is this the princess that was sleeping in your bed?"
TOP nods.
"Did you kiss her to wake her up?"
His innocent words create a flush of color in your cheeks, causing TOP to chuckle to himself when he sees your reaction.
"Yes buddy, yes I did."
Yeon Jun smiles from ear to ear. "Then you'll get married!"
TOP's sister giggles and nudges her son, "come with me Yeon Jun, we're going to get your uncle and his girlfriend a bed."
"They're sleeping over! Eomma, can I call her aunty yet?" Yeon Jun asks, trailing after his mother.
"You did what?" you growl at TOP.
He stands back up and leans his body on you. "It doesn't matter anymore because in the end, you liikkeee."
The night was spent watching TOP play with his nephew until he crashed from exhaustion, then TOP focused his undivided attention towards you and pulled you close to his chest while he stroked your hair, making the events that had taken place earlier in the evening all seem like a distant dream.
In the morning you enjoy special pancakes made with the love of Yeon Jun and TOP, sharing secrets with TOP's sister while the two boys created a disaster in the kitchen. As you thanked TOP's sister for her hospitality, Yeon Jun begins to cry and ask you not to leave.
"I'll be back, I promise. And if your uncle doesn't let me come back, I'll call your mom and you can come cook for me any time, okay?" you say, wiping his tears away with your thumb.
Yeon Jun nods then smiles warmly, flashing you the family heirloom- dimples.
"That went better than I expected," TOP comments as soon as he merges onto his familiar street.
"You expected a disaster?"
"No, I just expected more baby pictures," he chuckles.
"We can go visit your mom any-"
"Whoa. That's not funny. You're not allowed to see my baby pictures, I'll break up with you."
You giggle, "but I'll liikkeee."
He chuckles again and parks, "okay fine, but only under my supervis-"
"Your what?" You stare at TOP then slowly follow his gaze to his apartment.
"Stay in the car."
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