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Seokjin dusted his fingers over his plate as you folded the pink strip of paper and tucked it neatly into your coat pocket. Pushing your hair behind your ear before you realize you were blushing and then let the hair fall back to cover the rising redness. Seokjin gave you the sweetest of smiles as he offered his arm and you carefully laced your own through his. You pushed back your hair again and looked up to see the boys staring at you. You let your hair fall. Seokjin walked you down the hall like the perfect gentleman and you even smiled as he started to hum. You reached the door and Seokjin held it open for you as you entered. You looked around the huge room as Seokjin closed the door and locked it. The clicking sound made you turn toward him. You looked at the locked door and then at Seokjin. He took off his jacket and opened the side door to hang it up, as if what he had just done was completely normal. “Yours too.” He demanded and you took off your coat to hand to him. Seokjin kneels down to undo his shoes and you watch him as he starts to hum again. His fingers dancing over the laces and then he takes off the shiny black shoes. Seokjins eyes go to your feet and he comes closer to undo your ties as well. You blush as he undoes your laces. Seokjin holds your shoes, one hand over the toes the other at your heel as you step out of them. He stands and greets you with a smile. You shyly smile back and his hand comes to your shoulder. “Turn around.” He says with a slight nod of his head. You swallow at his request and when you don’t obey immediately he exhales deeply and forcibly starts to turn you. You let your feet step and you turn the rest of the way. Seokjin steps to you. His waist and chest pushing against your back. His hand returns to your shoulder as his face comes down to your neck. “Now. Be a good girl and do everything I tell you.” Seokjins tone was no joke as he whispered into your ear. His lush lips push into your neck and his grip on your shoulders get tighter. You moan softly as Seokjin continues to kiss down your neck and onto your shoulder. His fingers pulling the fabric of your shirt when he ran out of places to kiss. Seokjin groans into your skin as he starts sucking on a spot he deemed worthy. His waist was pushed against yours leaving you nothing to push up on. You want to grind against him or feel his lips on yours but you couldn’t move. Your hips burn for friction but you were pressed against the wall and couldn’t even rub on it. You whined through your frustration and balled your hands into fists at your sides. Seokjin kissed around your shoulder and across your back to your other shoulder. You wanted to do that to him. To count how many kisses it would take to cross his wing span. You groan against the wall and Seokjin hums on your skin. His hips pushed against your back side and you felt it slightly unfair that he could move on you but you couldn’t move on him. You tried to push back against him but he would just push you into the wall and keep you there until he was ready to move again. You could feel every little bruise he had gifted you, your body was hot and fluttering for more of his touches. How it had not already been seven minutes was mind blowing to you. Without being able to touch him it felt like an eternity. Your hands were in fists, lightly pressed against the wall as you tried to control your breathing. You weren’t sure how much longer you could go without touching him. Seokjin leaned away from your body and you took the opportunity to turn and face him. He groaned at your disobedience and pulled his hands away from his collar, where he was starting to undo his buttons. You bite the inside of your lip. Wishing you had held out a little longer. Seokjins fingers grabbed for your wrist and you whine at his sudden movements. He pulled you deeper into the room silently. You almost tripped as your legs weren’t as long as his but you made it into the heart of the area that mocked the atmosphere of a living room. Seokjins hand spun you around and let go of you before he turned away from you to walk the two or so paces to the sofa. You watched him sit down and then look at you in front of him. You fidgeted at your sight of him, not knowing what to make of the situation. “Take your clothes off.” Seokjin orders. His voice was a shock as the two of you hadn’t talked much since you had gotten into the room. “What-what about everyone else?” You question your fear/fancy of being caught. You didn’t want anyone to walk in on you two and you weren’t sure how long it would take for someone to notice that you two had been gone for so long. “No one is going to interrupt us, Y/N. Now do as I said.” His tone was smooth and his voice was low as he assured and ordered you. He sat with his legs crossed and his face plain. Seokjin knew what he wanted from you and it was honestly quite sexy. You slowly started to follow his orders. He watched you with his face propped up on his hand as his eyes steadily took in your movements. You started with your shirt. Then your pants and from there you started to feel shy but Seokjin moved. He reached for a decorative pillow and stood. Your movements froze as he walked up to you. Seokjin dropped the pillow in front of you and looked down at it before quickly meeting your gaze. You lower your knees into the pillow and look up at Seokjin for your next instruction. “Undo my belt.” He orders softly. Your hands moved up. As soon as they were in front of his thighs you placed your hands on his pants and pushed up to his belt. You know he didn’t ask you to but you felt like you needed to overcompensate for the lack of touching before. You controlled your breathing as best you could as you popped off his buckle. The sound was so sexy that you had to hold back your own moan. “Now the zipper, Y/N.” Seokjin said as he moved his hand to your hair. You looked up at him and then at his zipper. You pulled down the small metal rectangle and swallowed. Will he ask you to pull down his pants now. You tell yourself to try your best not to be too greedy as you sucked on him. You remind yourself to pace yourself in the near future. “Lay down.” He orders and you look up at him with surprise. He was being so unpredictable. As sexy as it was it made you realize just how much you would be out of control. The only thing to do was fully enjoy it. So you sink into your submissive role. You lay back into the carpet and then pull your legs out from your sides. You look up at Seokjin in between your legs. He brings his hands to his collar and starts unbuttoning his shirt as he looks down at you. The desire to touch yourself was strong. Very strong, but he didn’t tell you to so you couldn’t. Instead you focused on every twist and twitch of your body and then his shirt. One after another, the buttons came off and he was closer to touching you. You moan softly at the thought. Seokjin pulls the shirt back from his wide shoulders and then picks up your shirt and pants to place on the sofa with his shirt. He removes his pants and places them there as well. “I need you to promise me, you won’t be too loud.” Seokjin said as he walked over to you. His voice was so low and smooth. You bite your lip at his tone. “I promise.” You mewl. Your voice sounded weaker than you had thought it would have been. Seokjin smiles as he kneels down to your shivering form. “Do you want me to touch you?” He asks. You nod your head gently. “Yes, please.” You say, fully accepting your submission. His hands come to your panties and you lift your hips up so he can pull them down. “Good girl.” He whispers darkly. You begin to naw on your bottom lip. You couldn’t keep your hips still. No matter how hard you tried, they just wouldn’t stop. “Oh..” Seokjin carries the sound making you whine a bit. “Y/N, you’re so..” His forefinger runs up your sex and you moan at the warmth that spreads through your body because of it. “Wet.” Seokjin looked up from your sex to your eyes. His finger pushed in. You tried to grab something but there was nothing but the floor. Your back bent as you moaned. Seokjins finger worked you slowly but he quickly added another. You twisted under his fingers. The shape of his knuckles hit you in so many places. You try to look down at what he’s doing but your back wouldn’t stop arching. His fingers were enchanting. “You can go a little higher, can’t you baby?” Seokjins words were an order and you knew it. You moaned into the room again and pushed your body down onto his fingers to rest the top of your head on the floor. “Such a good girl for me.” Seokjin whispers and then he started moving his fingers faster to reward you. Your toes curl and uncurl. Your thighs trying to squeeze something but Seokjin kept pushing them back down. Little moans and grunts came from your higher pitched voice as you tried to be as silent as possible. “Seokjin.” You say, your back finally letting you look down at him between your legs. “Yes, Princess.” He says as he looks up from his fingers to your eyes. His voice was so calm and collected. It didn’t make sense when your body was going through so much. Your arms moved around your head as your neck got slick with sweat. His fast pace doing too much to you. “Seokjin.” You whine through a moan and he goes harder. Your back picks up again and you moan louder. His other hand comes to your mouth with a tutting noise. His fingers hold your lips and the feeling of him holding your mouth made your body want to explode. “Come on, Y/N.” Seokjin says and you wonder if he means it. “You can do it, Princess. Come for me.” Seokjins words were exactly the ones your body wanted to hear. You cry out under his hand as the perfect fingers inside of you curl just right and allow your release. Your body shakes and he keeps his hand around your mouth to muffle your little moans of release and then he’s gone. Both hands. You pick your head up a little to see Seokjin taking off his grey underwear. Your head dropped down again as you continue to pant. Your legs fell open and your arms out, around your body. You felt like you were floating. Like a floating starfish. Seokjins hands come to your thighs and then up to your tummy. You feel something hot at your entrance and before you can even look down you moan in pleasure. Seokjin hisses as he settles himself inside of you and you blink at his size. Your breathing already starting to pick up again. Seokjin snakes his arm under your body and pulls you up a bit. His hand holding the base of your neck as he pushes himself into you again. You moan and then your legs go around his waist. His other hand holds your thigh as he pushes in deeper. “Ah, Y/N.” He groans into your neck. Something turned in your body as you felt yourself building for another orgasm. Seokjins moans were beautiful and he gifted you a lot of them as he pulled your body into his. He kept his face close to your body so he would have something to hide his sounds in. You tried to quiet yourself so you could hear more of his moans but it was harder than you thought. Seokjin held tighter to the base of your neck as he pulled your hips onto his. Your head rolled back as your walls flex around his strength. He felt so good inside of you. Your entire body filled with bliss from his deep, possessing thrusts. Seokjin grunts in your ear as his movements start becoming sloppy. “Y/N.” He whispers his groan in your ear and you move your hands to his shoulders to pull him closer. Your body twists around his again and you feel yourself clenching around him and he rides you through it. You push your face into his neck to hide your sounds of your second orgasm. As you still tighten around him, Seokjin releases your head and pulls back. His cock springing from your core and into his hand. He strokes himself quickly and moans loudly as he comes onto your stomach. He lowers himself to the floor and rolls beside of you. You look down at the warm streams of Seokjin on your skin and bite your lip at the unique design. Seokjin pants as he sits up and pulls a tissue from the box on the coffee table. “Here.” He pants. “Let me clean you up, Princess.”
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