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He wandered in the dark, mumbling. But even his mumblings were sweet to hear
"Do you believe me now?"Junmyeon asked as they ran through the trees. Choi, only a few feet away, running nearly right next to him trying to keep up, kept his eyes to the ground, afraid he'll trip over on something or even fall into a hole. They didn't know how far they had ran but it seemed a good time to stop and catch their breath. "Let's stop, let's stop for a minute" Choi called out. Junmyeon slowed down only stopping behind a tree. He leaned against, his heart beating ferociously in his chest, his lungs and throat burning. Choi nearly collapsed next to him, breathing just as heavy but he immediately took stance with his gun pointed back in the direction he heard a branch break. Jun squatted right away, ready to hear a gun firing at them. There was nothing. "Where are we?" Jun asked quietly. He looked around. He could see lights through the trees up ahead and to the left and some to the right. "It's a park. If we keep heading straight, we should come out on the other end." Choi said waving his gun in that direction. He wasn't about to put his gun away, he was keeping it locked, cocked, and ready to fire. "What did he mean, if you told me everything? Do you know who that was?" Junmyeon looked at him from the ground, his heavy breathing easing up a bit, "I told you, I was trying to tell you. That girl, she's still alive. I seen her, I seen them together. She told him to kill me if I was to ever find out. That guy, I think that's him..." Another sound came from behind them, Jun jumped up ready to run again. When they both looked, neither one could see anything. "What guy?" Choi asked keeping his gun pointed, "Tell me everything." "That guy that's saying he's her brother, I think that's him. The girl who introduced herself to me as Park Areum..." Jun growled in frustration, kicking the tree, "I'm confused, its confusing me." Choi thought for a minute, "Her brother, you mean Park MinWoon? Are you saying that's him chasing us?" "If that's his name, then yes." "Start from the beginning and hurry." Choi said kneeling down next Junmyeon, Jun knelt down with him. "I met this girl, like three months ago, I didn't know her name then, I didn't care to because I figured I wouldn't see her again after that but I did. She wanted to start seeing me, saying she really liked me, so I started seeing her. It was good in the beginning but she turned into someone else. Anyway, I broke up her. I ran because it wasn't true that I killed her, she was alive the last time I seen her." Jun let a long breath, "I went there tonight to talk to him, to her brother to tell him I didn't kill her but instead, she was there, sitting on his bed. I managed to get away after he attacked me." Choi listened carefully. "She told you her name was Park Areum, but yet the girl in the morgue is Park Areum. The Park Areum you know is still alive... Park MinWoon claimed her to be his sister, saying he heard you two arguing but he didn't really see it happen either, only heard her scream and fall down the stairs..." Choi shook his head, "We gotta get back to the station and get you someplace safe." "Do you believe me?" Jun asked. "I believe something deeper is going on. But I can't do anything about it here." Choi pulled his phone out, keeping it inside his coat so the light wouldn't be seen. "Just as I thought, no signal... Alright, let's get going." Choi signaled Jun to run in the direction he said before, keeping an eye out behind them as they started to run again. As they got closer to the edge of the woods, Choi checked his phone. There was signal. He called Officer Kim. Junmyeon stopped, he was tired as hell, he leaned against a tree trying to stay out of sight. He heard Choi talking on the phone and from what it sounded like, they were going to have to stay hidden until they got picked up. He pulled his jacket off to cool off, but when he did the photo fell out. Choi noticed it as it landed on the ground. He picked it up and looked it over. He held it up to Junmyeon. "Where did you get this?" he asked Jun "At that house, her house, his house, whoever house that is, thought it meant something. He's the one chasing us" "Are you telling me you don't know who this is, this girl?" Junmyeon shook his head no. "Are you sure? Are absolutely positive?" Junmyeon nodded yes, "I'm sure. Why?" "This is Park Areum. This is the girl he says you killed." Choi said holding the photo up to Junmyeon's face. "I don't know her, I have never seen her in my life." Junmyeon said taking the photo. "I was taking you back to identify her..." Choi crouched down, still catching his breath. "Who else knows about this? Did you tell your friend?" Jun straight faced lied, "No one else. I didn't tell him." Junmyeon studied the girls face and then that guys face. Trying to think if he had seen them before or not. There were times when he could've come across one of them. One time, he picked her up near a police station, she was mad, really pissed off and had started arguing with him. Now that he thought about it, she never said that was her house, she just told him to pick her up there. Choi looked up at him, "Why did you take that photo? Why just that one?" "It was the only one with him in it." Jun answered honestly. After he said that, Choi thought back to the living room. He looked all the photos on the walls in his minds eye, and it finally hit him what was missing. Park MinWoon wasn't in any of them. Not even in the family portrait. "How long are we going to have to wait?" Junmyeon asked. "Hopefully not much longer. Keep an eye out, if you see something suspicious, let me know. I don't think he followed us all the way through the trees. He might have tried but most likely turned back and is driving around looking for us, that is if he is that determined to kill us." Choi positioned Junmyeon behind the tree, "Stay out of the light." Then he went and stood behind another tree. Jun kept looking back and forth, watching every car that passed by, even though he never knew what kind of car to look for. Choi kept an eye to the trees, in the direction they came from. Then he seen it, it was faint, a few yards away, a glimmer from something shiny. He thought he was just seeing things but that familiar sound of a hammer being pulled back slowly and clicking into place, said it all. He bolted for Junmyeon. Junmyeon felt someone tackle him to the ground just as a gun fired. He freaked out a little thinking he'd been shot but it was Choi who hollered out in pain as the bullet entered his back. He rolled over and started firing into the trees. "Go Junmyeon! Run!" Choi yelled at him. Junmyeon froze, he didn't know what to do. Choi pushed him, finally he got his legs to move and took off running. He ran across the street, running as fast as he could away from the firing guns. He looked back but didn't see anyone coming. He turned a corner, peeking back down the street. He figured he was at least three blocks away. There had been a couple cars that went by but no one stopped. He wiped the sweat dripping into his eyes. "What am I going to do?" he looked at his surroundings, he was in a part of the city he'd never been in before. He didn't know which way was which. He tried to think. He back tracked the direction from where they'd come from, back to the gas station, back to that house and realized, he hadn't paid much attention to the road after they left the house. "Ah Shit, I'm lost"
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