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Actress Ha Ji Won recently posted several pictures of herself. On June 4, Ha tweeted four pictures with the comment, “If you write your wish on a piece of paper and give it to the statue, your wish will be granted. I’m praying to make my wish come true.” In the pictures, Ha is wearing a unique patterned hoodie and praying in front of a statue, which is well known as a statue that grants people’s wishes. Ha also posted a picture of herself wearing the flag of the Korean Peninsula to promote her movie Korea. The picture received a lot of attention. People responded: “She looks like she has gained some weight after finishing shooting the series The King 2 Hearts.” “Ha is so cute.” “I hope my wish comes true.” Source: STARNEWS
yeah... another DAEBAK movie for her..
oh that fits her alright! lol
she had another movie... the Korean version of Charlies Angels :D
asian-wiki tells something about 2 movies.... So she'll be busy, anyway...
yep cant wait to see her in a new drama! maybe the end of this year since all dramas are lined up till fall. Korea is a good movie i heard
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