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Chapter 9

The Man in the Shadows Jungkook followed Yoongi and Kurim to the near subway station making sure they didn't notice him. He had faked a stomach ache in order to get out of work earlier. He knew that wasn't probably the best idea, with him just being hired, but just imagining Kurim going out with Yoongi wasn't making him think straight. He made sure to keep a good distance from them while following them carefully. He was wearing a black cap and a face mask. Fortunately, this was one of the advantages of living in South Korea, half the people usually wore these type of things without being too suspicious. They got in the subway car and Jungkook noticed there were no places to seat. Kurim took a hold of the bar and Yoongi took a hold of it too standing behind Kurim. Jungkook noticed that half of Yoongi's body was covering Kurim's and he wasn't happy about it. "What does he think he's doing?" He said a little to loud making the people standing next to him look his way. He cleared his throat and tried to avoid their gazes, accenting his head to apologize. He needed to be careful or he would be at risk of them finding out. Jungkook followed Kurim and Yoongi at the next subway stop. He noticed that they were going to the movie theater. Once inside, Jungkook sat three rows behind them. It would be difficult to enjoy the movie when he had his mind somewhere else. "You better not try anything funny, boy" Jungkook said to no one in particular. Half way through the movie Jungkook noticed that Yoongi was trying to pull the "stretch your arms" move on Kurim. Fortunately, he caught him on time and managed to throw a chocolate covered raisin at Yoongi's head. Yoongi turned around suddenly and just as suddenly Jungkook slid down his seat trying to hide himself. Kurim moved closer to Yoongi and whispered next to his ear "everything okay?" Yoongi looked at Kurim and smiled, "Yes, everything is fine." Jungkook didn't miss that and once more threw another raisin with full force at Yoongi's head. Yoongi turned around once again trying to make out the dark faces behind him but with no luck. He reluctantly went back to watch the movie while scratching his head where the raisin had hit him. Jungkook smiled to himself and continued watching them. The rest of the movie went on without any more incidents.
After the movie Yoongi and Kurim went to grab a bite. They went to a Korean barbecue place Yoongi had suggested. "So, did you enjoy the movie?" Kurim asked while turning the hanu steak on the grill. "Yes, it was great." Yoongi replied "Really?" Kurim asked skeptical. "Yes, really, why do you ask?" "It just that you seemed a little uncomfortable in the middle of it" Kurim said taking a bite of her rice. "Oh, that?" Yoongi laughed scratching his head. "It just that, it seems there were some immature kids in the theater. They kept throwing popcorn at me." Kurim stopped her chopsticks half way to her mouth, "really?" "Yeah" Yoongi assented. "Why didn't you say something? We could've reported them to the manager" "Nah, why ruin the evening? It didn't seem a big deal" Yoongi shrugged his shoulders. Kurim looked at Yoongi with awe in her eyes. He didn't wanna say anything because he didn't want to inconvenience her. She smiled and proceeded to make a wrap for him to show her appreciation. "Here" Kurim said giving the wrap to Yoongi. "Next time say something and I can put that person on his place, okay?" She said smiling. Yoongi accepted gladly the food wrap Kurim had made for him and when he finished it he replied smiling "okay."
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