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Chapter 2

---23 years ago--- "Mrs Wang, you said you weren't feeling okay and that's why you asked your husband to bring you here?" Said the doctor taking the seat in front of Mrs Wang. "Yes, I got scared and wanted to make sure everything was okay." "okay, let's see" said the doctor taking his stethoscope and placing it on Mrs Wang's chest. "Everything sounds good here, let's check on the baby, shall we?" Mrs Wang proceeded to lay back with her stomach uncovered, the doctor put the ultrasound gel on Mrs Wang's stomach and proceeded to put the ultrasound paddle on her stomach. "Well, this little guy seems about ready to pop out, everything seems good, the heart beat sounds normal and quite strong should I say." "That's a relief " Mr Wang chimed in holding Mrs Wang's hand. "Yes. Your pregnancy seems to be going great. I think you're just overreacting, but that is good. If you're bringing a person into this world, you better make sure he's okay, that's what I say. It's better to know it was a false alarm rather than being late and regretting it" the doctor asserted. "Well everything is fine. You guys can go ahead and head back home and I hope to see you next time" the doctor said leaving the room. Mrs Wang took some wet towels to remove the ultrasound gel and proceeded to get changed. "I was thinking about when it's time to give birth, what if that blood affected our little Gaga in some way? The doctors will need to take some blood samples to test. I don't want to risk they finding something on his blood. I just won't put him at risk" she said while caressing her stomach. "I was thinking the same thing. I'll talk with his future godfather. He is a doctor and one of the most trustful people I know. I will have to tell him everything. He can take a blood sample and make sure if there's something we need to be worrying about" Mr Wang promised.
"Well?" A worried Mr Wang asked his friend. Mr Lu took off his glasses and pinched the middle of his nose sighing in disappointment, "You know all this time, I was hoping this was a joke on your part." Mr Wang sat down defeated in the chair next to him, "what did you find?" "There are some slight changes on the blood. If I hadn't been the one taking the blood sample I couldn't believe this was coming from a human. I'm gonna need to do some other test on him. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to wait until he is born" "God " Mr Wang said defeated. "What is gonna happen to our son?" He asked tears threatening to fall from his eyes. Mr Lu placed his arm on his friend and looked him in the eyes to show his support, "Don't worry, you said the ultrasound looked normal. If there are some other side effects we'll make sure to find them. For now, I think is best if we keep this between us. I also recommend you have the delivery at home. We don't want anyone else knowing about this and putting at risk the life of your son. I'll make sure to clear my schedule during the time of delivery to assist you with the birth." Mr Wang felt relieved. He knew he could count on his friend. He had always been like a brother to him. "Push!" Mr Lu ordered Mrs. Wang. There was a raging storm outside. The thunder was so loud and so suddenly that it kept muting their voices. "Come on, honey, you have to try one more time," Mr Wang said to his wife cleaning the sweat from her forehead. "He's half way out, just one more push" Mr Lu exclaimed. "Aaaargh" "There we go," Mr Lu muttered "I gotcha, little one" after taking the baby by his feet and slapping his butt hard, the baby started to cry. Mr Lu proceed to take him into his harms but couldn't help but scream in surprise "Oh my god!" Mr Wang left Mrs Wang's side and hurried to his friend's side. He looked at the crying baby, took him into his arms and reluctantly showed him to Mrs Wang. "Oh my god, his eyes, he has that creature's eyes," she exclaimed in horror. Mrs Wang took the crying baby and tried to calm him down, "honey look" the minute the baby stopped crying, he smiled and his eyes returned back to normal. With a worried look on her face Mrs Wang asked, "What do we do now?" Mr Lu started walking towards his friends, placed an arm on Mr Wang's shoulder and said reassuringly, "we protect him."
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