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SHINee Week: What's Your Favorite Era?

It's Day Two of SHINee week and the mod team wants you to share your favorite SHINee era!!

My favorite has to be the View Era!!!

I mean come on, look at my baby!!!

(blonde Minho ugh)

And the Odd Album has some of my favorite SHINee hits!!!

What's your favorite era??

my favorite is view and lucifer era thgh 😍😍😍
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View and dream girls are my faves❤❤❤
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View was my favorite!! Key's blue dipped hair 💙
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Well my favorite concept look was Everybody, because everyone had exactly the look I wanted for them (hair color/style to makeup). But the style of comeback for Married to the Music was a really new one for them and I loved it. Now considering the oldies, I would throw in Hello era.
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Odd eye!
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