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Lee Hong Ki, singer of F.T.Island has been chosen to replace Super Junior's Leeteuk as host of Kiss the Radio. Hong Ki will take over the show after two weeks of "special DJ's" and will begin October 17th. If you don't know LHK, he's an actor as well as being the vocalist. He's in Dramas like Modern Farmer, King of the Century, and my personal favorite, You're Beautiful. Check him out and look forward to KiKiRa!
Also check out his solo video below for the song "Insensible" it stars Hong Ki and Park Shin Hye! (They were two of the stars in You're Beautiful!)
omg I can't wait to see him. it'll be something different to see, but I'm excited
I cant see it, as much as I love Hong Ki
I'm interested to see how he does, but it certainly won't be the same.
I'll miss Leeteuk but yess Hongki!!!😍😍😍
...but why is Leeteuk leaving? :(
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There was never a specific reason stated. All I saw was that "the decision had been made after a long discussion with producers" I wish there was more information.