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So for this day we are going to share I'm going to share my favorite SHINee era!! Now I'm a huge fan of all of SHINee's eras but my favorite has to be.....


This was the era where I my love for SHINee was finalized and I became a Shawol. I love "Dream Girl" and the whole album. Their music was something I never heard before and I just couldn't get enough. So now here I am, a Shawol fan that is currently dying because of their comeback.
What Is Your Favorite SHINee Era? Comment Below!!!
Side note: This is also the era where I decided that Jonghyun was my bias!
Loving Shawols!
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Hello era, that's when I became a fan and I miss their hair from then!
This is too hard of a question. T_T
I know. you can choose multiple eras tho
Well my favorite concept look was Everybody, because everyone had exactly the look I wanted for them (hair color/style to makeup). But the style of comeback for Married to the Music was a really new one for them and I loved it. Now considering the oldies, I would throw in Hello era.
Hello era, Everybody, and the way they are now.