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Today's Card is....

What's Your Favorite Era!

which is a hard choice.... so ima pick 2 =p

Ring Ding Dong

THE HAIR THE FEELS WATER DANCING ALL THE MEMESSSSS! This is honestly so important to me as a Shawol. Like this era was such an important time in SHINee History. This Dance every kpop recognizes and even if you dont stan shinee (which you should you monsters) you still know this song lol


This was honestly the first video SHINee did where i felt like they were happy and just having a good time. The message the video gives is so important to me too. Like they were fine with being kidnapped just to get a break and live life like normal people. They had fun and did stupid stuff just because they are young and can. I made my shawol heart so happy. I want them to be happy. Also Onew totally blows off that girl and it made my life XD also Minho dyed his hair and I was so happy with it being not brown/black XD

Thank You for Loving and Supporting SHINee! 샤이니를 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다!

Well my favorite concept look was Everybody, because everyone had exactly the look I wanted for them (hair color/style to makeup). But the style of comeback for Married to the Music was a really new one for them and I loved it. Now considering the oldies, I would throw in Hello era.
I can't choose....though I do like View era and Ring Ding Dong....and Hello...
This is too hard. T_T I really like Lucifer and MttM. And View. And Dream Girl. And...And....Can I just say all of them? T_T
It be a long card but go for it XD