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안녕하세요 (hello) and welcome (back),
Surprise here's another one :p
If you missed the previous one:
Here are the other boys Fanfictions:
Taehyung was the fifth place in the poll. Hope you enjoy guys!
“Look, I’ve known (Y/n) for a long time to understand something about her. She gives off a lot of confidence, but… she has more nerves than anyone I know. The more she puts on a show the more nerves she has… so if she doesn’t call you for a couple weeks… well, that means that she might really like you. I have never seen her act the way she did last night with anyone else. So, don’t give up just yet, for your sake and her sake.” Namjoon smiled as he patted me on the back and got up to get to the showers before we go back to the dorms. “Namjoon?” I asked suddenly getting a bright idea. “Yeah?” “Do you have her managers number by any chance?” I could feel a smile break out on my face as go through my plan in my head and I knew that it was the greatest plan ever. It starts with one phone call, but the ending will uncertain until I try it out.
Angel’s POV:
“Hello?” “Hi, you may not remember me. We met last night,” “Oh,” I chuckled “Hi, how did you get my number?” “Namjoon gave it to me as a favor,” he replied. “Sorry about calling you out of nowhere, but I was wondering if you would help me with something.” “I’m listening…”
(Y/n)’s POV:
“Why are we here again?” I asked I was irritated. This was my only day off for the week and Angel had booked the group to do a commercial. Today I just wanted to relax, but no I had to do this. “The commercial shooting is here,” She replied. I could see that she was smiling deviously. “I don’t believe you,” I sighed. There was no use arguing with her. “Why are we here?” I looked out the window of the car and saw the skating rinks neon lights. “You know I can’t skate,” I screamed at her. “Look, they are paying the group good money to just stand in the skates and take a picture.”
She almost pushed me out the car and said. “GYF will be here in a few minutes. Everyone had a schedule before, so have fun with BTS until the rest of the group gets here.” “How do you know BTS is in there right now?” “I talked to Namjoon earlier,” She said that and left me there to defend for myself. What the hell was going on?
Taehyung’s POV:
I saw her come in, rent some skates and when she got close I waved. She looked like she was nervous to see me again. “Hi,” she had walked up to me. “Hi, how have you been?” she asked. “I’ve been great, but I was missing something all this week,” I said hinting at her. “What do you mean?” She was playing dumb, cute. “Well, I gave this girl my number at her birthday party, but she never texted or called me,” I replied. She squints her eyes at me. “So, how have you been?” I asked her. “Well… I met this guy at my birthday party and he gave me his number, but I was too nervous to call him,” she replied with a giggle. We stood there awkwardly for a moment before I broke the silence.
“Do you know what would make me feel better?” “What?” she asked squinting her eyes at me. “to have you skate with me.” “No,” she replied bluntly. I looked at her like I was hurt. She sighed “I can’t skate.” “I can teach you,” “Ha ha, no, I rather not embarrass myself in front of a cute guy.” “Oh, come on. I’ll teach you.”
(Y/n)’s POV:
‘I can’t believe that he tricked me into doing this. What was I thinking?’ I was on the skating rinks floor with skates on. I was too stubborn to allow him to help me, so now I’m here trying my best not to fall on my butt. He obviously was watching me. I wasn’t very sure if it was out of enjoyment of my embarrassment or it if it was him keeping an eye on me so I wouldn’t fall. Suddenly, I started to do great and I wasn’t afraid of falling anymore. Oh, how I regretted what happened next. “Look at you, you’re doing great,” He said, speeding by me as I took it slow. “Yeah, I can skate!” I screamed throwing my hands in the air almost making myself fall, but I balanced myself before I could. We both laughed at my excitement about skating by myself for the first time.
Of course he as doing laps around me while I was trying to go steady. He was like a pro at this stuff. I have just met him not to long ago, but I could tell by just looking at him that he was great at any sport that involved wheels. As he did another lap around me, the sheer force of the wind that followed him almost knocked me down. I closed my eyes and prepared to feel the hard floor when all I felt was a soft embrace.
I opened my eyes to see his face super close to me, I freaked out and pushed him away. He again tried to catch me by grabbing my hand, but all I did was take him down with me. He had landed in such a way that he was straddling me. I could feel my heart pumping at a mile a minute and I could hear it in my ears as well. My face was hot in embarrassment. I could see a slight pinkness in his checks. ‘Was he blushing?’ I thought.
“what the hell was going on?” It was the guys. They were all standing on the carpeted area looking at us. Their tones were all different when they saw us both on the floor of the skating rink with him straddling me. “What’s going on guys?” now my group was here. ‘Oh, great. How embarrassing!
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