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Dear Significant Other,
Please don't let me have too much time to myself. It's then that my thoughts are sometimes too much to handle. I'm not sure what you'll want in regards to this topic but tell me. Talk to me. Trust me.
In our years trust seems so much harder, everyone wants to have a hard heart so they don't get hurt even though it isn't necessarily easier that way. But the only way i know how to love puts me at risk of pain...Puts you at risk. I don't want to hurt you but that can't be the reason i don't ask you out in the first place. Look.... I may not be the greatest human (this is where you say "but you are" or some cute shit) but when the time is right, when i'm with you, i'll be with you! I want to show you absolutely everything. My scars, my open wounds, my bare skin, my uncaged heart. I want my fingers to reach for yours whenever i'm scared but too afraid to admit it. I want to comfort you when you're down. I want you to hold me when i can't stand. Please don't give up on me. Please.
Temptation really does lurk around every single corner! and i'm tired! i'm so tired babe. I'm trying to stay true to my morals and at times i fail but if i fail now then what's going to stop me from failing when i'm with you. i don't want to fail you so i have to learn how to not fail myself. I hate writing a sentence where i can't find a way around "to not".
Please please please if i break down these walls for you please don't stop loving me for it. Broken can also be beautiful, i hope you're able to see that. I hope i am.
Love yours,
That's absolutely LOVE, and beautiful. Identify?Yes, with every single letter...
Another realization, recent... you finally tear down the wall, because she wants you to. In MY case, I knew it had to happen to give the relationship a fair shot... The problem reared its UGLY head when I realized (too late) that just a FEW of the bricks of the wall should have been left alone! They were serving a purpose, & there for good reason! But who knew?
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Good reply and thoughts again. Thanks. I was referring to the last sentence. I know WHY the wall went up, I loved and got torched. Even though I realize that my prayers were actually answered & saved me, I unintentionally started building the wall. If I understand that last sentence or two, I try to stay vigilant about recognizing my mistakes & apologize & whatever else it takes to work on being a better person. We can't fix something if we're not (by choice or ignorance) willing to be introspective and put the time in on the improvements. Thanks again.