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Woo!! Bts is killing it! They are #1 on the Synnara charts still :) Way to go ARMYs for supporting our loveable dorks!!
And again thanks to the Daily Namjoon for the twitter updates! If you have a twitter I suggest following them :)
Also based off of only 2 sites, BTS has sold nearly 60000 copies!!!
Wah! guys I'm so excited!!! Let's keep supporting our boys! And remember any negativity please ignore. Let's focus on BTS not the haters :3
Don't mind me... just still dead from their photo drops
I do not take credit for any pics and gifs. they belong to their original owners. Thirsty Scientist Squad ヽ(〃ο½₯Ο‰ο½₯)οΎ‰ @MichalJamerson @AaliyahNewbell @pharmgirlerin @twistedPuppy @IsoldaPazo @Junhwanbae92 @Sailynn @fruitypoptart @Kolai4
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I shall join you those photos are killer 😘😘