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Fuck! They did not only sexualized girls but remember that most of them are minors. I'm honestly pissed of that someone would write an article like this! Maybe the writer doesn't like girl Groups or idk but this is too much and is not the first time they do this! check out what they said about Tiffany album cover
Seriously the "reporters" for all kpop are so dirty and disgusting! What do you guys think?Was it wrong for them to write an article like that? Article here-->
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ew dude who is that hater on kpop girl group like come on. also if it's okay for boy group to do it why isn't for gurl groups to do it too. I just feel like they need to show the same respect they show boy group to the girl groups too they work their butts off too shit.
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EW Wtf!?
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with a dirty mind you can even make 'breathing' sexual!🤔😶
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wow what in the actual fuck 😑
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If they were one of the girl group members, would they want someone uploading things like that???? People need to start thinking. 😵😵🙄🙄
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