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Check out this post on Amino:
I read on Amino that certain Army's are picking fights with igot7s saying that Got7 copied BTS. That Hard Carry✈ is the same as Fire Like how? Why are some Army's like this? Some army's just ruin everything for the rest of the fandom. please stop
They are also saying BTS wings ruined GOT7's comeback I don't know how this makes sense at all.
Please read the post you linked. It wasn't ARMY, it was 1 army. As in 1 person. Just like any fandom, organization, or group, there is always that one that has to act like a turd. 1 person said "hey- this sounds like Fire" and several angry IGOT7's and EXO-L's decided it meant war. Actually, ARMY has been very chill. Mostly saying things like "welp- comeback is official. We're being hated because someone was an idiot", and spreading hash tags like #ArmyLovesKpop and #ArmySupportsGot7.
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@gigiandviking I do hope some people get to know their mistakes
the only thing that ruins comebacks are fans like this. it distracts from the beauty of the groups hard work and progression with dicord and negativity. Hard Carry is an awesome song and BTS new songs Are amazing as well. People need to stop trying to put one above the other and just let each group shine in their own light
You took the words from my mouth
This just makes me want to face palm so bad. I love both songs, they're both lit af but they sound nothing a like. People also need to realize that it is almost impossible for songs within the same genre have absolutely no similarities, there are only so many different beats and time measures that go into 90% of music. But seriously why tear the whole group down over something one single fan said?!? It's not fair to the group, you're not really hurting the fans your hurting the group and all the hard work they've put into this come back along with making your own fandom look bad. Also calling all Army's immature would also be calling Igot7s immature as well because so many of us love both groups. Sorry I got long winded there... I seriously just don't understand people sometimes.
I'm really disappointed in some exoL and igot7! like really guys
for once I thought it was some other fandom that started this instead of ARMYS but nope I should have known better😤😧
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