JTBC has posted a poll called "Male Spirit" and "Hit The Stage" to help get some underrated kpop idols more attention!
And the two amazingly-talented main vocals of History, Na Dokyun and Jang Yijeong!
Now it seems people have added YiJeong and Dokyun a second time in both columns.
For Dokyun in the third column, you need to select the one with that says 'Na Dokyun - History' NOT THE OTHER ONE! We have lost some votes because of that.
The same thing goes for YiJeong in the first column for Hit The Stage. Select 'YiJeong - History', not 'Jang YiJeong - History'. That one is more higher up than the other.
And there's something really good about the poll they put up: Though people have added many popular idols to the lists, JTBC has a rule that they cant include idols whose groups have already won #1 in the past. So I think we have hope!
It's a great way to get more underrated groups and their members more noticed and I'm happy JTBC is doing this.
Dokyun has 149 votes and YiJeong 107 votes right now, so we need to help them get more! We can only vote once day so we should try to do our best! They don't have a deadline for the ending of the polls though, so we shall keep voting until it's gone!
Please share the link to others to help boost their votes!

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