It's been over a week since I made the JungKyungil oneshot fanfic and then I just decided to make a fanvideo also.
Hehe yeah I really go crazy with these two.
So here is the short vid I did of them and I have a feeling someone is going to ask this 'cause one person has already:

Are they twins or brothers? No. Jungkyun has a handsome younger brother (whose also a model) and that's it lol

But these two hot men need to meet for real and take a selca together!

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@Storiamom426 thanks for letting me know about him. I'll be definitely looking in to him now ☺
@MelissaGarza totally Jungkyun is hot and cute lol I've grown to love them as much as History. and they do a lot of producing their own songs, well rounded talented men.
loved your video! I had never heard of BIGFLO before. They sure do have a sexy leader 😉