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so I just recently got in to Monsta X....but they are wonderful! I love all of them! they are such big nerds and they are all so loveable!
my bias is I.M. he cracks me up! he is so awkward (which I can sympathize with) but he uses it to his advantage....and all his members love him. ALSO! I can't be the only one in love with his rapping voice.
but Wonho is my and him have so much in common. When I was watching Right Now, I would just watch him and be like "same bro".....he's so cute...
I LOVE ALL THESE BOYS SOOOOO MUCH! and if you dont listen to them, you should start!
I'm glad you found these amazing boys and welcome to the fandom! :)
Wonho is my wrecker too... my overall bias wrecker. These guys are wonderful though. Even that rude boy named Wonho.
WELCOME! HoSeok is everything! lol
Welcome to the fandom, you won't regret it! also please help them get their first win! Please help share this photo--->
LISTEN I.M IS MINE AND ONLY MINE OKAY....jkjk don't believe that 😂😂😂😂 I'm just kidding WECOM TO MONSTA HELL hope they kill u the same.way they're killing us, but hey that doesn't mean I.M isn't mine 😉😉😉😉