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Who:Reader x Do Kyungsoo What: College AU/ Fluff ....some angst Chapter 8 Story: You are a famous novelist that has just released your newest book. At a signing you meet your number one fan Do Kyungsoo. His sweet face and big eyes capture your attention and he becomes the object of your next story 'Through paper-glass windows'.
To what degree can a person take so many lies about their family line before they break in half? Like simply touching the window of the castle she had always looked out of, Princess Yeong In was too fragile to handle the reality of the world she was in. The person she trusted had kept secrets from her. The mother she didn't know long enough was gone and a father she had never met had revealed to her that she was born on the account of a mistake. It was as if she were the glass itself and many people had only grazed it with their hands to see it crack but then all at once the hands had pushed against her and shattered her to pieces. Then there was Prince Inho who bore his own secret, what he deemed his own shame.... Y/N's POV After you had woken up this morning without Kyungsoo by your side, you had gotten a slight fear that you had made a mistake in trusting him. You had called his phone only to be ignored but then you realized what day it was, you sighed with relief and got out of bed and took a shower; he should've been in classes so you were fine. While you were in the shower, you couldn't take your mind off how he touched you. The way his muscles felt against you the way he urged you to a climax. It made you wonder what you had been missing. His lips all over you and his hands, damn the memory alone had you aching. You couldn't get it out of your head. Even while you met up with Soo-Young, she came to the penthouse that morning and saw your face all red while you were typing on your computer. She put her hand to your forehead while she felt yours and you looked at her in surprise and wondered why she was doing that. She stared at you for a second then got in your face and suddenly gasped, which freaked you out. "What?" you asked. "You popped your cherry!" "Whaaaat?!!!!" you said embarrassed and turning even more red than before. She clapped and sat down on the couch in front of you while laughing. "Oh my goodness, Y/N you're a woman now." "Hey that's not fair I earned my womanhood when I was ten." you said almost pouting. That only made her laugh, boy did you almost have a heart attack when you first went through your cycle. You thought you were dying you were so scared. Your foster mother had to sit you down and explain to you what was going on and you freaked out even more that it was supposed to happen once a month. You tried your hardest not to look when it happened. Blood was blood and you freaked out each time. "No, losing your virginity is a different type of womanhood. Damn does your brother know?" Soo-Young said excited. "No that's a weird thing to say to your brother. Besides he can never know, he'll be so angry with me and maybe even Kyungsoo. I really like him, he's the first guy I've ever really liked so please Soo-young don't say anything to him." you begged. Frankly she was still amused that you had lost your virginity. She waved her hand while she gained her composure and said, "Alright, Alright I won't say a thing." "Thank you." "So what are you working on now?" "I've started writing the story." you said looking down at your computer screen. "Really? Already! It usually takes you longer to get started what with all the character back stories and what not." "There aren't that many characters in this one." "There aren't? Why not?" Soo-young asked standing up to walk and look over your shoulder. "Because there's only two important people in this story really. The sub characters are important as well but Princess Yeong In and Prince Inho are the only ones that matter." you said. She leaned against the back of the couch and said, "Huh, Prince Inho is the one you based off of Kyungsoo right?" "Yeah." You answered. She sighed and moved back over to the opposite couch to sit down. She crossed her leg over the other and leaned her elbow on the top leg. Her head rested in her hand and she looked off to the side. You continued to type on your computer the beginning of your book. You could see her tilt her head, "I don't get it, you're a really beautiful girl Y/N you've had a lot of handsome men pursue you: Taehyung, Jackson, that guy with the dimples, what's his name, Yixing? All of them you turned down but the moment he shows up you go all gaga for him? I've never seen you flirt before but at the signing you were really open with him. I just don't get why you chose him, he's like a puppy." "He's gentle." you said not even looking up at her. Yes, outside of school the men that you had met during work had asked you out, even Namjoon, one of the other editors, had asked you out once. You had turned them all down polity. Each one of them were handsome men in their own unique style but their beauty meant very little to you. Outside of your brother you didn't trust many people very easily. The day you met Kyungsoo was different though because it had warmed your heart that he was such a fan of your work. His big eyes drew you into him and his lips looked like that of a romantic even if he wasn't. Soo-young was right he was mostly like an innocent puppy, very innocent, very quiet, very sweet. Your interest in him grew the more he spoke about the connections of your books, the more you saw his facial expressions change. It had only been two weeks since you two had started going out on dates and only a few hours since he asked you to be his girlfriend. It hadn't even been a full twenty-four hours since you two slept together but every moment with him had made you happier than anything else in the world. It was like being in your stories; although, in your stories there would be something to kill that moment of happiness. The only thing that had put a strain on you so far was finding out who your father was and Baekhyun. Him ignoring you like that just hurt and broke your heart so you didn't think about it at all. What you did think about was the way Kyungsoo hummed that song in your ear to calm you down. You thought about when he first saw you freak out and he hadn't seen you as a freak but instead offered to calm you down and he did far more quickly than you thought anyone could. Kyungsoo in all reality was the prince you had been waiting for. He had captured you. His voice could send you to heaven. Even looking at him, you could see how gentle he was, it was probably the most defining thing about him that drew you in. He had the ability to make you feel safe and that was something no one could ever offer you. He spared you embarrassment by pulling you away from the crowded area to get you to calm down, he was forward with Baekhyun. Kyungsoo was more than an innocent puppy but there were times that was all he showed so you could see where Soo-Young might think he wasn't much to go nuts over but you were crazy about him. You knew there was more to him which was why he was created into this mysterious Prince that would free Yeong In like he was starting to free you. When the glass breaks, you weren't sure if you would be set free or damaged more. You could only hope that Kyungsoo was as he seemed. You didn't fear that he would betray you though, he was some how able to make you trust him in a very short time. "Gentle? What does that matter?" She asked. "There's a level of intimacy involved when a man is gentle. Not just in the physical sense but in an emotional sense. It's all the other men that seemed to intimidate me that I couldn't be with. Even Namjoon, no matter how sweet the smile, it was still always hard for me to really be okay with dating but Kyungsoo-" You trailed off and looked to the large window on your left. The curtains were pulled back and you could see the city outstretched before you. You gave a small smile, "Everything Kyungsoo does is gentle. He's a man by his own standards no one else's. I feel luckier knowing that he likes me enough to ask me to be his girlfriend than I do by having thousands of fans." "Oh don't say that." "Why not? It's important to tell the truth. It's not that I don't like being a writer but for once in my life I just don't feel so alone. It's like for once someone sees me beyond my faults. He sees me beyond the fame the company has put on me. Don't get me wrong I'm not being ungrateful for what you all have done but sometimes the smiles and cheers from millions of strangers isn't enough to make feel happy." "You must really be in love with him." she said looking at you hard. "Yeah I must be." you muttered to yourself. A few minutes passed before Soo-Young left to get some things organized for you and she told you she'd be back to take you to the studio for the photo shoot. You weren't in the least excited about that but you sent her off with a bright smile and a wave. She muttered something about you having changed a bit before she walked out the door. You continued to write on your laptop focusing on the first chapter to the story. You hadn't yet introduced Prince Inho and there was a reason for that. Prince Inho would be the new light to enter the story. A new life for Princess Yeong In so for the significance of Inho's presence Yeong In's world had to be explained to the T. Once Inho showed up the reader would feel a sense of hope for Yeong In. As always you were deep into your writing when your phone rang and you saw it was Kyungsoo. You were so happy he called you back. You two couldn't see each other that afternoon because he had work and you would've still been at the studio by the time he had a lunch break. So you were happier to know you got to see him for dinner later on that night. After you got off the phone with him, Soo-Young came back to pick you up to take you to the studio. They had you in make up and wardrobe immediately it was almost hard for you to take a second to breathe. "Soo-Young is this all really necessary?" you sighed as your hair stylist brushed though your hair getting ready to part it. "Of course it is. Do you know how much your ratings have boosted since we've done this? The company is really impressed with you." she said. You felt slightly insecure for a moment, "Jellyfish produces books, aside from a few photos I don't see why they're focusing so much on my face when they should be focusing on my words." you said pouting. Soo-Young was leaned against the wall in front of you and she chuckled lightly. She gave you a smile. It fell before she had a chance to say something and you knew why, "Maybe it's just that you're words mean very little but your face draws more attention." Baekhyun said from behind you. Soo-Young looked at him in disgust, "How the hell would you know have you ever opened up any of her books?" she spit. "Yeah I have. She makes everything so sad there's never any happiness with her stuff." Baekhyun said. "There's nothing happy for me to write about." You said annoyed. Baekhyun looked at you oddly. Soo-Young tilted her head when she heard that. You took in a slow breath. You could do this, you could counter him you just had to stay calm. You swallowed and said, "There's only one person on this earth that I know that has read my books and knows the meaning behind what I right. That's my boyfriend Kyungsoo. He's the first person I've ever come across that has ever made me so happy. Just seeing his face or hearing his voice makes me happy. You tried to get me to panic yesterday, every time you're around me your intent is to make me feel bad Baekhyun." You could feel your breath becoming uneven but that was more because you were about to cry rather than have a panic attack. This was all so frustrating for you no one understood how much all of this hurt you. To have no one understand that you were more about your words than you were about your image made you frustrated. "Haven't you figured it out already Y/N, I like you?" Baekhyun said crossing his arms. "What you're doing isn't because you like me it's teasing me it's abuse. Haven't you gotten it by now Baekhyun? You said you've read my books but have you or anyone else that have picked up my books read between the lines? There's more to me than what I'm showing you, there's more pain that's covered up by fake smiles and cowering in the corner and I'm sick of being the company's Barbie doll." You said wiping at your eyes upset. You could just hear Chanyeol and Kyungsoo both telling you to calm down. Get your breathing in order. Soo-Young gave you a tissue to wipe your eyes. "You're so fragile." Baekhyun said looking away from you. "You must not get it Baekhyun." Soo-Young snapped at him. "She's in love with someone else someone that treats her well and understands her. He's put more effort in making her feel comfortable than you. He treats her sweetly he's really just a great guy. You, however, are a spoiled brat and you keep trying to force your way to her. If you had approached her more carefully, if you had showed you cared about how she felt perhaps you'd have a chance. You're just being rude at this point." Baekhyun smiled, "I actually do care about her. Everyone babies her though, her little problem keeps her from dealing with anything so she just passive aggressively writes out her feelings for people to get the hidden meaning. She doesn't speak up for herself, she doesn't defend herself. I may be able to deal with being rejected by her but how much longer will you continue to sit back and watch the world? You say you want things to change but you don't change them you let everyone run you over. I'm glad you have someone to make you happy, he really seems to have given you a little push but a little push isn't what you need, is it Y/N? You just need to dive in head first; sometimes a person can feel the most alive when they're falling." He said. He walked away just after that. You watched him go in the mirror and then looked down at the tissue. Soo-Young looked at you and sighed. She knelt down and placed a hand on your knee. "Are you alright?" she asked. "Soo-Young- have them change my make up. I don't want to look like this." you said small. Soo-Young looked at you surprised. "Y/N they're not going to like it." "They're going to like it even less if I go out their with ruined make up. I don't want this on, he's right and you know he is. So I'm stepping in, either they change the make up or I'm walking out of this building." you said. There was slight confidence in your voice but you were more upset than anything. You were upset because Baekhyun had called you out, you were upset because he was right, you were upset because you were weak. If you could do this with no problem, if you could show the world the real you, if you could show a real smile, would you be able to move on? Soo-Young had your makeup changed and you had them do something softer rather than sexy. When she showed you, you smiled proud of what you saw. You were in your early twenties there was no reason for you to try and look older to be sexy. You didn't even want to be perceived as sexy. This was light and fluffy enough that you were cute, adorable. They put you in front of the camera and you posed both by yourself and with Baekhyun which explained why he was there anyway. He had come so they could further promote him playing one of your characters. It still wasn't official and he still had time to back out of it but you doubted he would. They switched your outfit to a nice orange dress, the bottom came to mid thigh and you had long sleeves come down to mid palm. They gave you a purple head band and took pictures of you like that. All that smiling made your cheeks hurt but you felt a little better that they had done it more in your style than what they wanted you to be. You met with the director of the music video for 2pm and you even got to meet the members before you headed back home for some much needed rest. Chanyeol was in the penthouse when you showed up. Hae-won was on the floor crawling around while Chanyeol was on the phone. You sighed and picked up Hae-won and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Hi sweetie." you said to her. Chanyeol turned to you and he came up to you both and he gave you a hug. He kissed his daughter on the forehead. He looked like he was ready to cry. "Yes sir I'll be there first thing tomorrow." he said. You looked at him while he hung up the phone. "Hi I haven't seen you in a while -oh!" He hugged you tightly again; you were confused but hugged him back. "Um Yeol you're crushing your daughter." you said. He pulled back and took her from your arms and he kissed her. "I got a job, I finally got one." "That's great Chanyeol." you said. "I have a favor to ask though I need her to stay here for a few days with you please." "What about her mother?" you asked. "She was cheating on me and ended up hooking up with the guy. She just recently found out he's a lunatic. Neither one of us wants him getting near her. No one really knows I'm your brother though so she'll be safer here." Chanyeol said. "Chanyeol if you haven't had a job how have you been taking care of the baby?" You asked. Chanyeol looked at you and slightly stumbled over his words, "She's been with her mother." "Have you been with mom and dad when you're not staying here?" you asked. He chuckled, "Yeah right." You walked over to him and said, "Why didn't you just say you needed a place to stay Yeol? I would've loved to have you both stay here. You drop by every now and again anyway." "That's not how it works Y/N I'm supposed to take care of you not the other way around. If I can't be a good enough father to provide for my baby what does that say about me? If I have to ask my little sister that has problems of her own to shelter me what does that say about me?" "But who would even know?" "I would." he said with a heavy sigh. "Well what does it say about you when you know you have an opportunity to keep your baby safe and have a nice warm bed to sleep in while you look for a way to get back on your feet but you don't use it? To me that speaks more about you being concerned about your pride than your daughter. I'm not saying that you put one over the other but actions speak louder than words Yeol. She'll be safe here though, beside you have a key to my place you know you're welcome anytime you need to or want to stay. I won't say anymore about it." Chanyeol sighed and stared at you. He looked you up and down like he was trying to figure out who was standing right in front of him. He handed Hae-won to you and headed for the door, "I have to go pick up her things I'll be back." "Okay, make sure you bring pajamas for yourself too." you said. He looked back at you and you gave him a small smile. He returned it and walked out the door. You spent the next ten minutes entertaining Hae-won. You turned on the TV for her and she played with the remote, turning channels. Kyungsoo called you to tell you he was on his way to your place and so you took Hae-Won upstairs with you to change. You sat her on the bed and went through your closet. You came out with a purple dress and a white one, "Which one do you think he'll like Princess?" you said to her. She just looked at you, you held the purple one in front of her and she looked away from you. You held the white one up and she turned back to look at the dress; she stared for a second before she reached out and grabbed the white dress. You laughed and nodded, "Yeah I liked the white one too." You put it on and not long after there was a knock on your door. You took Hae-won with you as you headed downstairs and opened the door. Kyungsoo stood there his hair pushed back and wearing a black turtle neck. He had his hands in his pocket and he smiled when he saw you. You smiled back brightly. He came close to kiss your cheek and you stepped aside to welcome him in. "Sorry, the plan was to have dinner out but my brother needed me to watch his daughter." you said. "Oh so that's your niece, I was wondering why you had a baby with you." he said with a smile. You chuckled, "Yeah sorry I hope you don't mind." He shook his head, "No she's cute, I like kids." he said sitting down. You sat down and placed her in your lap. He held his hand out to her and she grabbed his hand or rather his finger and was moving it around. She pulled his hand close so she could nibble on it and Kyungsoo gently laughed while stopping her with his other hand and pulling his finger free. You simply chuckled because his eyes got big when she did that. He looked at you and placed his hand on your cheek and his thumb rubbed by your lip. He looked at your lips and then at your eyes and smiled. "I missed you today." he said. You smiled bigger and you were sure you were blushing. Kyungsoo chuckled and leaned in to kiss you softly on the lips. The way his lips moved against yours reminded you of last night and you pulled back with a sharp inhale as you felt the coil in your stomach. Your face got hot, "Sorry, sorry!" you said looking down. Kyungsoo chuckled, "It's alright, you're cute, even when you're embarrassed." You looked up at him, he had so much confidence. He was beaming with it, that made you blush even harder. Kyungsoo was so cool! He was so handsome! He was your boyfriend and that took your breath away. His hand came to the back of your neck, "Easy, calm down." he said softly. You looked up, "You're breathing kind of heavy." he said looking concerned but keep calm himself. You blinked and tried to settle down. His every touch was reminding you of last night and you wanted more. The baby was with you though and Chanyeol would be staying the night more than likely. You could only have him kiss you. Kyungsoo went back to playing with the baby as you looked away for a moment. "Soo, I can't cook very well. I can order something for dinner though." you said. "I can cook, if you have stuff here I'll make something for us." he said looking up at you. You looked at him surprised, "You can cook?" He nodded with a smile, "I like you!" you beamed uncontrollably. He kissed your cheek this time and stood up, "Do mind?" he said. You shook your head. He spent time looking through the fridge and pulling out things while you took care of Hae-won. At one point his phone buzzed and he only glanced at it. He went back to cooking, he was super focused on it. You liked watching his face concentrate on everything he was doing, never once faltering. He had that blank stare that was kind of scary but for anyone that didn't know him they would think he was mean. You knew he was anything but; he was a sweetheart and full of surprises. Especially, this last one you were about to get. "Y/N." he called to you before placing food in front of you. It looked really delicious, you looked up to him with a smile and said, "Wow! It looks so good!" He had a faint smile but he knelt down so you had to look down to look at him. "Y/N." he called your name again softly. You looked at him strangely. "Yeah?" "Can you try and stay calm for me Princess?" he said. He brushed hair behind your ear before he cupped your cheek. "What do you mean? Did you do something in the kitchen?" you chuckled. "Y/N- you're father... he came to my job asking for help to see you." You looked at him in confusion, "What?" "He remembered me from the night your foster parents were here. Remember when you took me to the study?" he explained. You nodded carefully, "He wants to see you so can explain what happened yesterday. He's downstairs right now." he said. Your eyebrows pinched together you shook your head. "Hold on baby, you don't have to see him if you don't want to but what happened last night isn't what you think. I think you should hear him out." he said. You looked at him and swallowed, "Chanyeol won't be happy." you said. "Are you happy?" he asked. You looked up at him slightly surprised, "Look I don't want to pry farther than I should and I wouldn't have tried to help if I really thought he was trying to make your life difficult but he has something that needs to be said, that you need to hear and Chanyeol keeping that from you isn't going to help you. All your books point to it, what you really want. Well he's standing downstairs waiting for his chance, all you have to do is tell him to come up." he said. Your eyes started to water, "I'm scared." you said. He nodded and brought your face to his. His forehead pressed against yours. "I know but I'm not going to leave your side. I'll be right here I wouldn't leave you alone. I promise princess." he said. You looked at him and nodded, "Okay." He nodded and called your father and told him to come upstairs. It wasn't more than five minutes later that a knock came at the door. You gave Hae-won to Kyungsoo and walked up to the door. You hesitated to open it and looked back at Kyungsoo, "I don't know if I can do this." you said. He walked up to you and kissed you, "You're more brave than you know. I'll be right here for you Y/N." he said. You nodded and turned back to the door. Your shaky hand reached out and opened it to see Seokjin dressed in regular clothes much different from the nice outfit he had on last night. He smiled at you and you stepped back. "There's someone I want you to meet Y/N." he said. You looked at Kyungsoo then back at your father. Your eyes widened at the sight before you. Two men, one your father the other a man that looked just like him dressed to the nines. Your mouth opened and you backed up further. "This is my twin second brother Yoojin." your father said. "You're a twin?" you said surprised. "Actually we're triplets Jinyoung is in China right now. I actually met you yesterday, I apologize for the miss understanding. I didn't realize at the time you were his daughter" Yoojin said. You walked back to the couch and started to pace. Kyungsoo so came over to you and placed Hae-won down. He came and grabbed you and whispered, "Hey it's okay princess. You're alright, you've done so well so far. If you want it to end I'll send them away for now. It's okay." he said He held you close and your arms wrapped around him. He had gotten to you before you could lose it. His ability to stay calm down kept you calm and he was gentle, so gentle you couldn't even reach a point where you were hyperventilating. He pulled away to look you in the eyes, "What do you want to do baby?" he asked. You looked up at him and then at Yoojin and Seokjin. "I don't understand what's going on?" you said to Seokjin. "I asked Yoojin to come along so that we could prove to you it wasn't me yesterday. He called me after you two bumped into each other and I knew immediately he'd met you. I was scared you'd think I was just trying to see you to get something from you. Y/N you have to understand something I didn't leave you because I didn't want you I was just in a really bad place at that time. Your mother didn't want me anywhere near you and with good reason." "What do you mean?" you asked. Seokjin sighed distress all over his face. "Your mother was originally in a relationship with Yoojin, and they broke up for a little while but one drunken night she had mistaken me for him and we slept together. She got pregnant and when she found out she slept with the wrong brother she tried to keep me away from you. Chanyeol hated that I still came around though." "Why?" you asked confused. "Because he looked like me." Yoojin asked. You shook your head not getting it. "Chanyeol is your half brother Y/N. Yoojin is his father and I'm yours." Seokjin said. You laughed a little, "No he's not. Chanyeol isn't my half brother he would've told me." "No, Chanyeol hated us both equally. He hates that I left him and his mother. He hates that I lied to your mother. I was seeing her while I was seeing my wife." Yoojin said. You backed away again. "Afterwards a lot of things happened with our family and I got addicted to drugs; she kept me away from you because of that. So after she passed I was asked to come get you but I didn't because I was so high. I wouldn't have raised you well." "So you chose drugs over me?" you said hurt. You looked to Yoojin, "And you, you just went and had a baby with another woman? You didn't even want to be with Chanyeol? What are you two doing here, looking for redemption or cause me more pain?" you said crying. You had lost your breath now. Kyungsoo turned you from them and told you to breathe. He made you look him in the eyes and he sang to you that lullaby. He sang until your breathing was in order. "Stay calm for me princess please." he said. It all hurt though, why didn't Chanyeol tell you that he was your half brother? Out of all these years? Technically he wasn't just your brother he was your cousin too. This was all so confusing. Your father was a drug addict, and Chanyeol's father was rich, doing well for himself and living a happy life with his wife and son. You both were the unwanted children. "Get out." You told them. "Y/N please. I just want you to forgive me. I know I've missed so many years but I've tried so hard to find you. I got clean so I could be with you." he said. You looked at him angry, "Chanyeol used to tell me that my father was a traveler and he was traveling the world in search of strength to protect our family and one day when he found that strength, if he found that strength he'd come back to me and tell me of the things he saw. Eventually, I grow up to realize the truth is that my father left me and he was never coming back. Still for years I hoped and wrote of world's where the father meant everything to the main character. That he'd die for her, he'd do anything for her. I hoped for a father like that, every birthday, every Christmas, every school event I hoped and I prayed to God what ever god there may be that he would give me my father back. Looking at the man standing in front of me now, I don't know if I should be happy you're here or scream at you for leaving in the first place. It doesn't matter if mom didn't want you near by, you should've kept trying. If you loved me enough I should've been the one thing that kept you sane. In reality, I wasn't enough for you, I was just a drunken mistake." "Y/N." Seokjin said broken. "I don't need you any where near me right now. So please...get out." You voice slightly broke from your tears. He stood there for a second while you looked at the ground. You closed your eyes when you heard him turn to the door. The door opened but you hadn't heard it close. You felt arms wrap around you moments later. You opened your eyes and noticed it was Seokjin hugging you. You couldn't attempt to bite back tears they just came flowing. You tugged onto his shirt hugging him back and you heard him sniff in your ear. "I do love you Y/N I'm sorry." he said. He pulled away from you and you could see the tears that had formed in his eyes. You had heard it in his voice. He turned to the door and he left the penthouse with his brother. You were still crying, Kyungsoo came and hugged you, "I'm sorry princess." he whispered. He sat you down and gave you a tissue. He kissed your cheek and ran his hand up and down your arm until your crying ceased. "Kind of ruined dinner I suppose." he said lightly. You kind of chuckled at that, "Thank you." you said. "It wasn't much, I can do something fancy-" "Not that- I did need to hear it. As much as it hurt. You kept me calm too so, thank you." you said. "I like you Y/N it's never my intention to see you make a face like this. I'd prefer your smile, I'd prefer the way you usually greet me. Even if you do call me Oppa, I like seeing you so happy, I like seeing you turned on too." he gave you a small smile. You chuckled, "Oppa is manly!" you said smiling. He changed your mood so quickly, he smiled and wiped the remaining trail of tears from your face. He kissed you slowly and softly until you felt Hae-Won's tiny hand hit your thigh as she climbed up on your lap separating you two. You laughed as she tried to make herself stand and you kissed her head. She smiled and rubbed her hand on her cheek. You laughed a little, "I'll reheat the food." Kyungsoo said. He got up with the plates and you turned on the TV. Chanyeol walked through the door and saw you and Kyungsoo. Chanyeol looked to you and saw your eyes were still red, "What happened?" he asked. "I met our fathers " you said matter of factly. You turned up the TV and walked back over to the couch to Hae-won and gave her the remote to play with. Kyungsoo looked to you then Chanyeol. Chanyeol stared at you with pure shock. Your dear brother had hidden so much from you. The glass didn't just break.... it shattered.
Whoa that plot twist though
its just so good
Well, I wasn't expecting that twist!!!!