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Hello my fellow Royal family! My name is Melissa. I'll be your new Moderator for the Boys Republic community. You may recognise me as one of the mod supporter. I was supporting Sunwoo and OneJunn. I'm looking forward to this new journey in my life. I'm a very big supporter of Boys Republic. I have lots plans for the fourth quarter. So please stay tuned and join in the fun.
Let me share a little bit about myself. I'm a devoted kpop and kdrama fan for a while now. I also enjoy watching other dramas like Chinese, Twainese, Thai, Japanese and Spanish. For last couple of years, kpop has basically taken over my life. I just love kpop. It makes feel good. I'm a multi-fan, so I'm in multi-fandom.
Right now, Boys Republic are on top of my list. I'm proud to be in the Royal Family. I want say a special thanks to @QueenLee. She was the one who got me the path that lead me to Royal family.
I'm looking for some Mod Supporters to help me spread the love of Boys Republic. Please message me, if you are interested in joining the Royal Squad. Also it would be great if you have Line or Kakao. So we can have Moderator group chats. my Vingle family @Helixx @LocoForJiyong @LadyLuna @peahyr @sherrysahar @MadAndrea @buddyesd @cardboardart @annevictoriaa @TaehyungV @taetaebaozi @twistedPuppy @PolarStarr @ChaErica @koinii @kelseyblair @kennaxx @QueenLee @otakukpopgirl @JarviaKlipka @resavalencia @EmilyPeacock @SaraHanna @MandyNoona @Isolate @swarrier16 @lovetop @FalseLove @Gamerkyumin @EmilyGardner @BabydollBre @JaiiPanda @pandaqueenbee @JiyongLeo @IsoldaPazo @AnnaArai @AimeeH @junhwanbae92 @CLAKPOP @danidee @AmberFranco @DalyRomero @salo @AaliyahNewbell @mbg3t @Bwolfgirl @vatcheeafandi99 @KellyOConnor @PrettieeEmm @UnnieCakesAli @ManduBum @unnieARMYKeY @maelstromVIP @JuanitaBooRiv @MsLoyalHeart @ARMYstarlight @AmberRelynn @Bangtanss @QueenPandaBunny @jjrockstar @jevonlowery @nikkynoel @ChoiJiah @JordanShuler @xoxorittie @firstladyofaomg @amobts @LuisUmania @Remysrose @chenisbaekasy @JaxomB @leilakyrsten @kpopandkimichi @kpopGaby @kpopdeluxegirl @CarolPantoja @fallchild @drummergirl691 @SimplyAwkard @vkookie47 @alywoah @ashleyemmert @twistedlove @elainarenea @scarletmermaid @SugaMint @SuperJuniorelf @SindyHernandez @YongRaviMon @luna1171 @thetrillestkid @Nikkitty @BBxGD @LemonLassie @xroyalreisx @SarahVanDorn @LunaFergus @MYAlpha @TerraToyaSi @AlittleJoy @VeronicaArtino @MaricelvaRomero @MrsJungHoseok @MrsBangYongguk @HeichousRegalia @XergaB20 please let me know if you want to be added to my tag list.
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@VKookie47 @PrettieeEmm Thank you @AaliyahNewbell @QueenLee I'm looking forward to teaming up with both again ☺
Am i still for Suwoong Thursday?
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Im so glad. 😍😍. Anything else I could do to help
And Congrats girly 💙💙
@jjrockstar thank you!
Jesus Christ why didn't I see this sooner, and WHY IS 민수 dragging my heart so much