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Wonho's POV Going to school today was not a good idea, it would only mean that he would get into a fight with Jessica's boyfriend. This chick didn't understood I didn't date girls that had a man, but yet she kept coming at me and her boyfriend saw us. Now that boyfriend is trying to beat me up, he could try, but today I wasn't up to fighting. Plus it was my second week of school, and I had already been in a fight the first day. I also promised my old man I wouldn't cause anymore trouble. So here I'm at the arcade with some of my man , two of my girls. I was blessed with my mothers looks meaning I could have any girl I wanted, in this case two. I was enjoying my nap time until I heard people screaming. When I opened my eyes it was Changkyun and some girl fighting, was she his girlfriend? His girl or not she had interrupted my nap time. "Who the hell are you?!" I ask mad She looked at me with a surprise look, and didn't even answer my question, to be honest looking at her up front she wasn't bad looking her eyes are beautiful but she still woke me up so she had to pay. "Did you not heard me?!" "Who the hell are you!?" I repeated. "I'm y/n, who are you?!" She said, when she noticed I had her my the color she immediately pushed me, man this girl is strong she actually got me to step back. "Im wonho, now may I ask why are you here cussing a ruckus in my place while I was asleep?" I asked her she didn't answer this girl was strong and all but she was really slow on processing what I've told her, that or she was just stunned my by beauty. "Look I don't care if Changkyun cheated on you or..." I was cut off my her laugh, "You think we are dating?!" She asked amused. "Aren't you two going out?" I asked her "Of course not I'm his sister" she said still laughing like crazy. She gave me a small smile before returning to hit Changkyun. "Wait! If your his sister...that means your shownus baby sister!" I said amused at the new information. "Yeah so what?" She asked annoyed. "Nothing, but you can just leave already if you came to take Changkyun with you his not going anywhere, so might as well be on Your way" "And why exactly is that?" She asked folding her arms "Just because I say so, look here y/n I'm the leader of the school, and people do as I say" I said with a pride smile on my face. " I'm only letting you off the hook this one time,because you are his his sister, for waking me up that is, there won't be a next time, so why don't you just get on your way" She gave me a small laugh "Well I guess i should thank you for letting me off the hook, but I promised my father I would take him back to school, so I guess we will be going" she said as she was making her way to her brother. This was getting on my nervous. " I said his not going anywhere" I pulled her towards me her face was inches away from mine, I was about to kiss her when I heard someone call her name. And that was not just anyone it was Shownu's right hand man Kihyun.
Kihyun POV I was having a great sleep, when shownu decided to call me. "Well hello honey how may I help you" I said "Shut up" shownu answer back "Y/N went to get Changkyun from the arcade next to the mall, can you go and make sure nothing happens" he added. "So you are asking me to stalk her?" "No I want you to take care of her in secret" "Fine but you owe me one" i answer back, and now here I'm making sure nothing happens to the princesse. It was fun to see y/n beat up Changkyun. But all the fun ended when I saw him, he was back, wonho was back. What's is he planning? "Hey Kihyun!" Y/N yelled to get my attention. "YA! Why won't you listen to your sister!?" I asked Changkyun. "What!?" He answer "Never mind just get your stuff so we can go" I answer, all this time wonho was still holding y/n. "Let go of her!" I told him while grabbing y/n free hand. "Sure, it was got boring after you showed up" he said while pushing y/n towards me.
Kihyun grab both Changkyun and y/n and got them out of that place. What the hell? I need to tell Shownu about this. Is Changkyun part of his gang? If so he won't be to happy. Does wonho know about the relationship they have with shownu? No! He couldn't. But what if he knows about y/n he will definitely come after her. I can't let that happen. I need to let shownu know. Kihyun was lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice when y/n and Changkyun were gone. But soon his thoughts were cut off, he had bumped into Jackson, "yo ki where have you been?" He asked "What?" Kihyun answer "Never mind, shownu has been calling you like crazy, he sent me to look for you, why aren't you answering your phone?" "My phone hasn't rang....shit!" Kihyun said "What?" " I dropped it....lets go I need to tell shownu something important"
Wonho POV "Was that Kihyun?" Jooheon ask "Yea" wonho said while picking up kihyun's phone. I turned on the phone and it didn't had a password, lucky me. Curiosity got the best of me and I started to check his phone, he had a ton of pictures of him and y/n. What a weirdo I wouldn't have a picture of some girl unless I loved her. Wait could it be, Kihyun likes y/n. Well this is good to know, shownu baby sister and Kihyun crush, I'm going to kill two birds with one stone. I got y/n phone number with out having to ask her for it. Now shall I begin the game.
Shownu POV "What did you just say?" I asked "Well wonho is back, Your little brother is part of his gang, and he might know that y/n is your sister" Kihyun said backing away, I throw the chair, what the hell wonho is back and he knows about y/n. What is he thinking? Did he came back to get revenge? "Why didn't you answer your phone" "About that I dropped it when wonho pushed y/n...." "He pushed her!!" I was seeing red how fucking dare he touch her. But if he has kihyun's phone he might get her phone number! I have to stop him before he does. "Let's go!" "Go where" Kihyun asked me with a worried look on his face. "To get your phone back"