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Hey guys! It's Erica here! You may know me from the Astro mod support group, I represented Moonbin there.
But now I am the Moderator for Day6 and I'm so excited to share more information about this group with you!
I am representing the adorable piece of sunshine Wonpil. He is the synthesizer and a vocalist in Day6!
I mean look at him, how can you resist him? He's literally looking at you like, "love me!"
If you want to be added to the Day6 taglist please click -->here<-- and comment on that card!
Also if you haven't already joined the Day6 Community you should! You can do so by clicking -->Here<-- And by clicking the Join button!
Day6 Mod Squad:
If you have any questions be sure to ask one of us above!
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😍 wonpil. And welcome!☺️