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M.A.S 0094 (Make A Sound 0094) is a boy group that debuted in late 2015. They are a band that plays instruments. There are five members, the oldest being born in 1994.
From left to right we have: (from oldest to youngest) Yonghoon (Jin Yoong Hoon) - vocalist, plays guitar and the keyboard (born in 1994) Harin (Joo Ha Rin) - plays the drums Kanghyun (Kang Hyun Goo) - the Leader, and he plays guitar Dongmyoung (Son Dong Myoung) - vocalist, and plays the keyboard Cya (Lee Ji Wook) - the Maknae, the rapper, and plays bass (born in 2000)
If you'd like to learn about the members more watch them do their profiles! Dongmyoung is so sassy and so is the Maknae! I love them!
What do you think of these boys? So far I'm impressed! Anyone think they have a bias yet? From time to time I'll be giving groups that have recently debuted (that haven't gotten much recognition) attention! -- I do not own any of the images or videos, all credit goes to the rightful owners! -- GNMR Staff: @jiggzy19 Tagged: @IsoldaPazo @petname83 @JiyongLeo @SugaKookies @Ercurrent @marisamusic @LocoForJiyong @HopeElizabeth @destiny1419 @Bangtanss @KarenGuerra93 @xoxorittie @ESwee @EvilGenius If you'd like to be tagged in this card let me know in the comments! To check out the newly debuted group that we spotlighted last time click here. To check out the last card in the Underrated series click here.
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I remember their debut song and I fell in love with them straight away! :)
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Ikr! Totally wish more people knew about them!!!!! They are really talented!