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They went upon the housetop, and let him down through the tiling. We should be earnest in helping others. We have a splendid example in the story of the four men who brought their neighbor to Jesus. This neighbor was a paralytic. He never could have got into the presence of The Healer without their aid. These men carried him where Jesus was that day. They found such a crowd about the door that they could not enter. But that did not discourage them. They were determined to have their friend healed, and when they could not get in they carried him to the roof and, opening a way, let him down into the very presence of Jesus. If we were as eager to do others good, we would not be easily disheartened in our efforts. The truth is, we try languidly to help our neighbors, and nothing comes of our efforts. If we really love people, we will stop at no cost in trying to do them good. The Good Samaritan is another example of this. He is Christ’s own illustration of what it means to love our neighbor as ourselves.
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