I hate the days when I am overclocked with anxiety. Those days when I have nothing to be anxious about, yet my brain won't ease up. I try calming techniques, but I'm so fidgety and nervous that I have no focus. I feel as though I am caught in a whirlwind, despite the absence of a storm. Maybe it is overflow from the day before...even though I allayed my concerns. Maybe I just live in such a state of panic and worry that my body is now programmed to function only in "wth" mode. Maybe I actually do have something to fret about, but I've forgotten what it was? What if I've forgotten something important? Did I forget to reply to a customer's email, or to go to an appointment, or to pay someone? Are there going to be repercussions? Why can't I just switch it all off, take a break from the stress? Get away from the noise inside my brain? Away from the clamoring "what if"s and "when will the hammer drop"s? Away from the train wrecks I can't seem to steer clear of??? Oh yeah...four kids, a new business, and a plan to become independent. Maybe the anxiety is justifiable, after all.
hey there, first of all just know that anxiety disorders suck, they fuck with you without any reason or justification. I'd recommend going to a dr to see if you can get some medication to help, lord knows my medication has helped me tremendously. The second thing is that you have to know that things are worse in your head than it is in reality. i know a no-shit statement, but it bears repeating. thirdly, always reach out to others and talk. the community here is pretty supportive, and hell you can even message me if you need someone to vent to:) life sucks as it is, but having others to help you makes it better. I hope you have a fantastic day:D
@TravisWolph @ChaitanyaMore Thank you for your concern and advice. πŸ’œ Honestly, I'm okay. My writing is therapeutic, and helps me work through things far better than a professional or medication ever has. (I recognize this is entirely an individual experience, and I would never discourage the use of either.) This piece was meant to be a window into the world of anxiety...to demonstrate how ever-present it is, how easily you can get swept into a downward spiral of self-doubt, and how the mind tries to make sense of the nonsensical. I really appreciate that you care, and I hope that others see that if they are feeling this way, that they can reach out...that there are people who understand. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
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@BeannachtOraibh as long as you're doing Okay then:)
Same here but u know what?Life can be beautiful if we learn to control our mind.We can get pleasure via small things like cleaning ur room or etc.Our mind is funny but simple-keep on telling ur brain one thing and it will do what so ever the cost,thats how I am chasing success!Anyways all the best and stay Jolly!