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Yesterday during practice, Rap Mon was sent to the orthopedics because of a pain. And unfortunately, the doctor recommended he control himself to prevent any stress fractures. But, it means he'll be good to continue performing for longer since it was found.
No other concerns were found in the X-ray, and all other parts of his body were generally in good condition. Since this was found early enough, the doctor claims Rap Monster will be able to recover after a break and physical therapy.
Since he is recovering and trying to prevent stress fractures, he will not be able to join the rest of BTS for 'K-pop World Festival' and 'Busan One Asia Festival.' all seven members will be healthy and greeting fans during their comeback.
There's not much we can do as fans, except give him all the support and understanding we can!

Get better soon Rap Mon!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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Oh Joonie! I hope he gets better real quick! Rm Fighting! <3