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So I passed out before I could update the next chapter! Sorry So I will post two today to make up for it!
Chanwoo Pov
“ What do you mean you threw it away idiot!” I yelled grabbing him by his shirt as his eyes landed on mine. “ I mean it's gone. Why should I keep it?” He spat just as the door opened once again as the others ran over towards Hanbin. “ So have fun with your girlfriend last night?” Bobby mocked as Hanbin's eyes flew towards him full of anger. “ I mean why else would you be coming back so late.” He laughed bitterly as his eyes never left Hanbin's. “ I feel like we are missing something important here?” Jinhwan said trying to break them up before things got worse.
“ Want to tell them Binnie or should I?” Bobby laughed dryly earning a glare. “ Tell them what exactly Bobby?” Hanbin mocked unable to hold back any longer. “ And what would it matter to you if I was with her all night anyway?” He smirked as a dry laugh escaped his mouth seconds before Bobby's fist flew towards his face. “ You son of a bi**h!” Bobby yelled as his fist made contact before anyone could react. “ What the hell you two?!” Jinhwan yelled while motionlessly telling June to help Hanbin.
IT was at that moment I remembered I never hung up the phone as I quickly searched for it. “ Sh*t.” I cursed quickly pressing the phone to my ear. “ Noona?” I mumbled trying to not get anyone's attention. “ Hello Chanwoo sounds like things are pretty bad there?” The last person I expected to hear laughed into the phone. “ Jiyong Hyung?” I said a little to loudly as all eyes went to me.
“ Why are you on Noona's phone?” I said stupidly as he only laughed. “ Sorry but your sister lost consciousness she will have to get back with you on a later date, Well that is if she wants to.” He laughed quickly ending the call. “ What the hell do you mean she lost consciousness?!!!!” I cursed throwing my phone as the worry began to eat away at me. “ Wait Y/n was is with Jiyong Hyung?” Bobby said taken back as Hanbin scoffed.
“ What is it to you idiot when you couldn't even stay to listen to what she had to say!” Hanbin hissed as I finally lost it. “ Shut the hell up both of you and give me answers about my sister or so help me lord.” I said as venom dripped from every word. After a few minutes they finally went over the events of last night and how Jiyong showed up. “ Then she said she wished she would of never returned and just left with him no questions asked.” Hanbin said not looking towards anyone as I quickly fumbled for my phone. “ The number you are dialing is no longer in service.” Was all it ever said no matter how many times I tired to call.
Y/n Pov
The whole trip was a blur as I just went where ever Jiyong-ssi pulled me. I just kept replaying his words over again as I felt myself slipping away. “ Y/n we don't have to go straight to Yg you can go rest some?” Jiyong smiled softly trying to comfort me as if this wasn't his fault. “ Still not going to talk to me are you?” He sadly said looking towards the window as I tried to block everything out. Before I knew it we were seated inside Yg's office waiting for him to show as if he wasn't the one who asked me to come.
“ It's been way to long my dear how have you been?” He smirked at the sight of me. “ As if you don't know.” I spat completely void of emotions as his smile grew. “ I see I see.” He laughed taking a seat at his desk. “ Well on that note my dear Welcome to Yg entertainment. I already have a drama lined up for you.” He beamed as if his words should make me happy. “ Also I am lifting the ban you are completely free to talk to the members of Ikon. That is if they wish to talk to after well you know breaking two hearts in the same night.” He grinned as it finally hit me. “ You never once planned on letting us talk again did you?” I blurted out before I could stop myself as his eyes widened. “ You are to smart for your own good my dear.” He sang bitterly while strumming his fingers on his desk. “ Nothing against you my dear, but I am saving those poor boys from heart break like I went through.” He stated as Chanwoo's words came back to me ' He isn't our uncle I don't know what he told you, but don't trust him.'
“ You mean like what my mom put you through?” I guessed as he only laughed looking towards me fondly. “ You are smarter than I gave you credit for.” He beamed as everything started to make sense. “ I see now you were my dad's best friend and you both fell for the same girl. My mom , but when she picked him you grew bitter and cut all ties with him?” I asked as he could only nod in agreement. “ And well you know what they say like mother like daughter.” He spat as his words hit their mark. “ I..” No longer able to say another word Yg only smiled passing me papers to sign.
Just like that time flew by around 5 months had passed to be exact. I lost all contact with everyone beside Jiyong, and well of course the directors as soon as we got to Korea. I couldn't bring myself to talk to them any longer after all I ever did was hurt them. Thankfully Ikon was still on tour so there was no reason to worry about running into them. Every day the memories would haunt me as I only could remember times where everyone around me was hurt some how by me.
“ Maybe Yg was right I am too much like my mom.” I cried looking up at my family picture hanging on the wall. At first I never wanted to return to this empty house, but since it was the only thing left of my parents I felt the need to keep it. “ Y/n why haven't you even touched your food when was the last time you ate?” Jiyong called from the other room as he made his nightly visit to check on me.
He never got a response so I have no idea why he still tried, but here he was once again looking towards me with a disapproving manner. “ This is ridiculous Y/n do we really have to do this every night?!” He hissed running his hand through his hair like he always did when annoyed. I mean who wouldn't be annoyed with being tasked to look after such a broken person. “ I mean the least you could do is talk.” He sighed making his way over towards me.
As my eyes finally landed on his trying to express for him to leave. “ You can hate me forever for all I care Y/n, but what the boss says goes you know that.” He huffed looking away as an unreadable expression took over his face. Unable to just lay there any long I slowly sat up as his eyes flew towards me. “ You are a real pain you know that.” He smiled slightly helping me up as we headed to the kitchen. This had become our nightly routine Jiyong would come over to make sure I ate which I never did unless he made me. It wasn't like I was looking forward to these nightly visits, but he had grown used to me not talking and would talk for the both of us which was better than silence.