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안녕하세요 (hello) and welcome (back), If you missed the previous ones: INTRO (to all of the boys) Suga Part 1 Here are the other boys fanfictions: Taehyung Part 1 Taehyung Part 2 J-Hope Part 1 Namjoon Part 1 Namjoon Part 2 Jin Part 1 Jin Part 2 Jin Part 3 Jimin Part 1 Jimin Part 2
*Recap* Suga’s POV: After I talked to V, I wanted to surprise (Y/n) at practice. I drove over there and started to walk into the practice room, but I stopped at the glass doors. I could see a guy flirting with her, putting a loose piece of her hair behind her ear and finding other excuses to touch her. I finally got the guts to walk in there to stop them. I was going to ring his neck. She's going to see a side of me that she's never seen before. I pushed the door open and wedged myself in-between him and (Y/N). I faced him and gave him a glare that could burn souls. “Yoongi,” she had said wrapping her arms around my torso as I began to go towards the guy. “Suga…” she whined behind me as I tried to keep going towards him. The guy finally left and I turned around. “Why did you stop me?” I was annoyed. She has never done something like this before, but I haven’t done this kind of thing either. She embraced me from the front as I asked. Her hair was pushed into my chest as she held her face close to my heart. “Because, you shouldn’t be getting any fights. You could hurt your knuckles and then I can’t do this.” She grabbed my hand and held it. “Who is that brat anyways?” I asked looking around for him. “He’s just a trainee. Don’t worry about him. I’m just glad I got to see my Suga lips before I had to practice again. I couldn’t help, but to fall deep into her eyes. “(Y/n)?” “Yes?” “What possessed you to give me your number the first time we met. I mean, I’m just a normal guy and you’re just so amazing,” she did a little giggle before she answered. “I don’t think you realize how amazing you are yourself and the reason why I decided to give you my number was…” “Alright everyone places. We have to get this down before the music video shoot…” She sighed, “I have to go…” “No wait, you still haven’t answered my question yet.” “I answer it later, okay?” She parted with me and left me a kiss on my cheek. I sighed. I didn’t know what she saw in me. I watched her rehearse for a while until I had to leave for my schedule. All I could think about was what she was about to say to me before. I was walking down the hall to go to the recording studio when I ran into someone. It was the same guy as early, but in different clothes. I gave him a ‘go-to-hell’ looks. “What’s your problem?” he asked. “You’re my problem,” “What?” He looked confused “Stay away from my girlfriend. If I catch you near her again, you will regret it,” I threatened as I body checked him. (Y/N)’s POV: “There was this guy in the hall earlier. Threatening me for no reason, telling me to stay away from his girlfriend or something like that,” Jon my work out buddy was telling me this crazy story about how this guy body checked him in the hall way. I couldn’t help, but to laugh at the idiot who did that to him. If anything it would have been his twin brother who was hitting on someone else’s girlfriend like he was doing to he earlier when Suga stepped in. I really don’t like hanging out with him that much because he gives him the creeps. My phone buzzed. “Who’s that?” Jon asked nosily. “My boyfriend,” I replied as I read his messages full of hearts. I quickly sent him a few before rejoining Jon’s conversation with me. “You never told me you had a boyfriend.” “Well, it’s supposed to be kept a secret, so…” “Can I see a picture?” I pulled up my background that had a picture of us together on it. It was a picture of us on our first date. “Wait a minute! That’s him!” “Him who?” “The guy who body checked me.” “No, there’s no way… wait earlier he did catch Jay hitting on me in the practice room. I’m so sorry. Let me call him to see what he’s up to and clear this up,” A Couple a rings went off before he picked up. “Hey, babe, what’s up?” “Well, you know that guy you threatened in the practice room earlier?” “Yeah, why?” I explained everything to him and as I finished he asked me to hand him the phone. I could hear an apology from Yoongi’s end of the phone. Namjoon’s POV: *About three months earlier* “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him like this before,” I said to the guys as she stared out the same window that the piece of paper that had (Y/n) number on it was gone out of. He had turned from elated to devastated in an instant. Kookie’s constant apologizing was slowly eating away at my patience. “Kookie…” Yoongi still had his head against the window. “I’m going to kill you…” “I said I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was that important…” At that Yoongi snapped and almost tacked him, his hand going for his throat. I grabbed him and it took a few minutes to get him to cool down after I had told him that I would help him get her number back. *the next week* “Hello, yes, I was wondering if you knew a manager by the name of Angel?” “Sorry, no. She must be new because I have no idea who she is.” “Okay, thank you. Please let me know if you do hear of her” I hung up the phone. It has been a week of nonstop calling. I called so many managers and so many people over the week I’m head hurt. Yoongi had locked himself in his room for the past week and hasn’t come out to eat or shower. I really need to get that number fast before it’s too late…
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