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A little over an hour ago, G-Dragon broke his Instagram silence with a cryptic post simply giving a date for tomorrow at noon with 'peaceminusonedotcom' in the description. What is more interesting is, at the same time, Se7en posted the same exact photo with the same description.
What could this mean? Is there some form of collaboration in the air or is it simply YG family helping each other out with promotions? What do you think?
his clothing brand of peaceminusone will be soon released
there is a Chinese shopping site not sure if if they sell more than vitamins. or of it is even related.
@RebeccaLondon not related hun.. hahahahah... its for GD clothing store
not only Se7en posted it. you have Dara the Kwon twins [the back up dancers twins] Mino.
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WHAT. omg why馃槩 there's so many comebacks and theories for everything why did I choose the multifandom life馃槩