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Hey everyone its @PrettieeEmm here bringing you some sad news from one of our favorite rappers

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What will we do with this boy He once again has injured himself. BigHit announced the unfortunate new via sns The agency revealed Rap Monster recently visited a doctor after feeling pain in his leg while practicing for the BTS‘s comeback.
He went to the orthopedist immediately and learned that there was high possibility of him developing a stress fracture in his leg. The doctor recommended that he refrain from straining activities. Regular physical therapy was suggested in order for him to recover along with proper reset, and so, Rap Monster will be unable to participate in the K-Pop World Festival event as a performer to be held on the 30th. But fans will still be able to see him as he will continue his responsibilities as a joint MC. In his current status, Rap Monster’s appearance has also been cancelled for the October 1st Busan One Asia Festival event, but the remaining group members will take the stage as previously scheduled. (source)

Big Hit made a statement

Hello this is Big Hit. We are making this announcement to let everyone know that BTS member Rap Monster will not be participating at the K-Pop World Festival at Changwon today. On the 29th of September, Rap Monster felt a pain while practicing the choreography for BTS’s second album, and visited an orthopedic center. He was notified that the pain could turn into a stress fracture if he kept putting stress on his leg, and the doctor told him to refrain from any movement that put stress on his leg. The X-Rays show no injury as of yet and his joints are all in good shape other wise. In order to rectify the situation, he needs to go through regular physical therapy and we plan to do just that. Because it was discovered in its early stage, he will be able to fully cure it with proper rest. So Rap Monster will be focusing on resting and bringing his condition back to be able to make a comeback in full health. Although he will not be attending as a performer on stage, he will be making an appearance as a joint MC. Also on October 1st at the Busan One Asia Festival, Rap Monster will not be going up on stage with the rest of the members. We apologize for worrying the fans who have long waited to see Rap Monster at K-Pop World Festival and Busan One Asia Festival, and promise to come back to you with all the members fully active and healthy during promotions. Thank you, From Big Hit Entertainment (source)
The agency apologized and said that all the members of the group will return for their studio album comeback healthy and bright.
So lets all hope for a safely recovery and for him to take his time.. we love him and don't want to rush him or stress him any further.

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as excited as I am for their comeback, I honestly wish they could just rest. like honestly if they postponed their comeback....
I agree. They really seem to put out stuff one after another. They've got to be just exhausted beyond belief.
Get well soon we will miss you💕💕💕
Oh. My hearteu 😭😭😘