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With their comeback so close by, many of us might be curious to know what our idols are doing. Yes, we might think the obvious that they are probably preparing and working their butts off.

But wrong! They're not doing JUST that!

Wonho is being sexy as always~ Breaking poor fangirls and fanboys hearts.

Shownu still being an amazing dancer and having more defined arms/shoulders than ever!

Jooheon being an amazing rapper and performer as always~

I.M still licking his lips... Wait what! lol

Minhyuk still practicing on his winks to show a much sexier side of him~

Kihyun still up to no good and still has his evil laugh. lol

and well Hyungwon is still looking for me~ 하하하

I'm just kidding, but they are still active and attended Kpop World Festival in Changwon yesterday~^^

Our guys are very hard working! Please keep showing your support towards Monsta X especially during this comeback~


Let me know if you would like to be added onto my Monbebe list so you won't miss out on any Monsta X News and events!
That shot of Kihyun laughing... You can basically see his tonsils. 😂
😂😂 I love when he laughs like that~
lol I love this.. I.M forever licking his lips.. and wonhoe still being hoe-y
add me
@MonAnnahiX thank you!!😄
@cynthiaacosta17 @Aijah Added! 😁 wooo!! can't wait either!
Thank you!!😊😊
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