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Hello my beautiful Vinglers! Before I get started on my intro, I want to extend a congratulatory block for All Q4 Mods:

Japanese Anime - @AimeBolanos Fairy Tail - @Tylor619 Bleach - @ZephyrBlaze Kpop - @MattK95 EXO - @Tigerlily84 BTS - @VKookie47 BTOB- @Helixx VIXX - @JiyongLeo Cross Gene - @AimeeH G-Dragon - @BBxGD Pokemon Go - @Nyan ASTRO - @Isolate iKon - @Junhwanbae92 Fan Fiction - @Bangtanss Jay Park - @pandaqueenbee UNIQ - @MadAndrea Monsta X - @MonAnnahiX NCT U - @JordanShuler Big Bang - @KwonOfAKind Kangin (Super Junior) - @KokoroNoTakara Chanyeol (EXO) - @SarahVandorn BAP - @StefaniTre SHINee- @VixenViVi Red Velvet - @kpopandkimchi Seventeen - @IsoldaPazo GOT7 - @Luna1171 History (Kpop) - @Storiamom426 Simon Dominic - @DayDaySMDC Boys Republic - @MelissaGarza Travel South Korea - @caricakes Winner - @resavalencia Super Junior - @KaiLuhan4ever Big Bang TOP - @Lovetop Day6 - @ChaErica Donghae (Super Junior) - @QueenPandaBunny Skincare - @amobts Marvel Comics - @BeannachtOraibh

Congratulations Guys! ♡

♡〜٩( ╹▿╹ )۶〜♡

I will Do an intro here, then Cover the guidelines and My support in the next few Cards.

☆ Formalities ☆

My name is Aimee.

☆ Cross Gene is my Ultimate Group ♡ ☆ I'm a Goofball, so I'm highly attracted to those of the same clout. (Motto is: the sillier the guy, well then my heart is snatched away quicker) ☆ I'm the mommi of any group I am in. I have a nurture complex, so everyone is my babies. (Yes that means you all too)

♡♡ You may call me Aime, Loudmouth, Cross Gene Landfill Trash Depot. (Whichever, I'm 100% on board)

I will be your Cross Gene Community Mod. I am very aware that not a lot know of them, but that's okay. I'm still going strong on loving them ♡ And I will help you in learning, if you'd like. ☆ I also realize they aren't for everyone.

** I do tend to throw people in the Cross Gene Sacrificial Volcano. . . I'm not apologizing either. . . I find quite the pleasure and enjoyment having people fall in love with them. I've been dubbed Satan. So yeas!

Ask any of my girls, they'll tell you ♡

Fun Facts About Moi:

1) I'm a Cross Gene Fan. OT6. You'll never see me spazz more about anyone like I do Cross Gene ♡ I bias all 6.

1A) That being said, I have my Top 3: Seyoung, Sangmin, and Yongseok. (Stupid Maknae) 2) I graduated College in December and I start my new Job Soon! I'll be the Coolest Early Headstart Teacher since ever ♡ 3) I'm a huge Underdog Supporter. I absolutely love Underrated groups becuase they work their tail-end off. They are so determined, so I usually fall in love. 4) I am 26 about to be 27. (cris a little)

5) You will see me lurking around in about 7 Communities total. But I am as sweet as a Koala. Never fear. I love hugs too.

6) I Have 8 Soulmates.

Seyoung, Sangmin, Cory Alex, Jenissi, Nakta, Yongseok, & Changbum

More Fun facts:

5) I'm going to reveal a secret on how to Make EXOs Community moderator Blood boil in One word + one pic. . *Satan* @Tigerlily84 I LOVE YOU DANIIIII!! ** I'm mischievous if you haven't guessed ♡ ☆☆ I also give her a hard time. She knows I love her ♡

Fav groups:

VIXX ♡ JJCC ♡ Monsta X ♡ 100% ♡ 24K ♡ B.A.P ♡ EXO ♡ BTOB ♡ B2ST ♡ High4 ♡ Road Boyz ♡ Masc ♡ Boys Republic ♡ Bigstar ♡ Beat Win ♡ legend ♡ Big Flo ♡ Nu'est ♡ N.Sonic ♡ Myname ♡ Snuper ♡ NCT ♡ UNIQ ♡ Madtown ♡ Hotshot ♡ Shinee ♡ Big Bang ♡BeatWin ♡ Topp Dogg ♡ BTL ♡ LU:KUS ♡ MR.MR ♡ MyName ♡ AlphaBat ♡ Target ♡ A.cian ♡ DGNA & Many more ♡
♧ I have one tattoo that is a reminder that I can overcome anything. I fought Cervical Cancer like a girl, and I Won. Been going strong ever since, I will be hitting my 4 year anniversary on Oct 18. I celebrate 2 birthdays now. ☆ Nov 7 & Oct 18

I have a Taglist Started From the Previous Quarters, But I'll be updating all my Taglists. If you would like to be added to the Taglist for my Support & Myself please leave a comment below ♡

Also if you'd like to be removed then let me know as well ♡

♡ Precious CandY Babies ♡

♡ YakPak ♡

congratulations on making mod again, I cannot say how happy I am to see so many of my favorite underrated groups on your bias group list!!!!!! stay awesome @AimeeH
Thank you very much! I am very honored to be mod again!!
I love your intro. It's really nice to meet you. I've seen you around Vingle and you seem pretty cool.
It's nice to meet you too! Yeass! I HAVE SEE. YOU AROUND TOO! Thank you! The feeling is mutual ♡
thanks you too!!
bigstar yess I love them
Get it girl! 😁 And congratulations on becoming a Head start teacher!!!! How exciting~
Thank you dear! ♡ YEAS I'm excited to meet my small humans!
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