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💚Haku × Chihiro💚

Ghibli Film: Spirited Away❤

Credit to all of the Artists❤

I LOVE this movie. I kinda want a sequel where Chihiro is older xD but yea lol I love them so much~ 💙💙💙💚💚💚
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actually in the Japanese version of the movie, there's an extra scene in the end of the credits where chihiro is at her new school and a new student is added to her class, give ya one guess who that is. :)
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@RogueLeigh OMFG YES YES AND YES! I have been sooo dissatisfied when I think of the ending I cried so hard too! Just ending it like that 😭😭 We need a sequel!
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I have this movie at home and it's incredible. love the ship
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