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Too Many (crazy) things happened! > Kanye came out for a surprise performance, > Lady Gaga barely wore something throughout the whole show, >NSYNC reunited (!) for 2 minutes >.< >One Direction got booed after winning the Best Summer Song ever, >Taylor Swift beat everybody else for her "I Knoe You Were trouble" video and thank (possibly) Harry Styles for inspiring her to write the song Daft Punk and Pharell got all glittery > One Love touching number >Miley's super bizarre performance > Katy Perry's "Roar" finale
She was practically naked, right? lol and yes this is the VMA's, the stars apparently get a pass once a year to mess up on stage and all lol
@shoenami i agree abt lady gaga, its a good thing she's secure abt herself b/c she wore pretty much nothing the whole time, lolz
I salute Lady gaga for her outfit the whole time! She must be cold.. lol @cheerfulcallie lol.. Robin thicke is kinda growing on me too!
at least miley had more clothes on then lady gaga, XD... although they both look ridiculous but miley definitely stole her for her twerking on robin thicke, was i shock? nooo this is MTV's VMA, crazy outlandish shit happens all the time....besides, i aint gonna hate or criticize, umm hello its robin thicke, he's pretty HOT!!! lolz...