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I did!!!!!!!!! I was debating REAL hard to pre-order bc of money issues as of right now lol but I love these Boys too much!!!! I recently got myself Young Forever album but I just had to get Wings bc these boys are SEXY AS F**K in this concept lol. they been sexy their other concepts but I really like this one. I can't wait to receive it!!!! 4 cds and 4 posters for a limited time? I GOT TO GET IT!!!!!!!! I really hope this time I will get a Jungkook Polaroid picture this time lol *FINGERS CROSS* ☺❤
I bought only one and that was the W version. I plan on buying the rest when I can.
I'm debating....there are just too many coming out too quickly. I want the Monsta X too.....and Shinee....and BTS....and Got7....and Sandeul's....yikes!!!
@minimanim3 i guess ur right about not caring who u got. i do love all of them!!!!! xD @LunaCordero i thought speed disband? or is it a different band? wow! EXO too!? lmk if their album is good!!! @lcr4562 i am so Excited!!!!! I wonder how long it is going to take!!
Same here, I ordered the 4 cd set too last night.
Ordering it Monday only getting one though I'll purchase the rest at a later time cause I'm getting got7 and some others from Exo Bts and Speed
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