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Alrighty I'm sorry this took awhile to post but I got alot of good stuff and I finally got to finish writing if you missed @SweetDuella last chapter click here also I know I need to re edit sorry for the mess ups I will fix them in a bit
They all had spent the night at the girls place so that when they woke up they could go to the festival. They planned on making breakfast for everyone and then heading out. Thankfully the morning went smoothly and noone burned anything or got hurt. "Alright let's discuss who is driving." Jin said. "I'll do it" Kookie said "Yay then I call shot gun!!" Sarah yelled and flung her arms around Kookie to hug him. "Alright that was solved fast." Yoongi said. Once they had that figured out they all grabbed there things and piled into the car. "How long till we get there?" Jenni asked "3 hrs." Namjoon said "Ahh this is going to be so long!!!" Jenni whined. "Oh hush it you have been in the car way longer than that." Sarah said turning to her friend and pushing her. "That was a long time ago, I haven't done it for a while." Jenni laughed. "I'm DJ" Sarah said and turned the radio on. As she did this I need you came on and she squealed and turned to Jenni. Jenni smiled and started reaching into her bag. Sarah pulled out a tiger stuffed animal that she had start singing kookie's part and Jenni pulled out a fox and had it singing Namjoons part. As each guys part came up another stuffed animal would come out. Which the car was filled with laughter as this continued. "You know playing with stuffed animals is our fun pass time in the car." Sarah said having her tiger kiss Kookie. He smiled and laughed. "Only in the car?" Yoongi asked "It's our fun pass time period." Jenni said laughing. Jenni was close enough to Sarah so she took her fox and had it touching Sarah's shoulder. Sarah's tiger lunged at it and they started fighting. "Noooo, you can't destroy my fox army! Namjoon already destroyed my panda army. Go after Sarah's Tiger army!"Jenni whined. "Yea, I'm not shoving my tigers in people's faces all the time like you do." "Not true you shoved your tiger in Kookie's face." "Yeah but it's only him and he likes tigers." The discussion about their stuffed animals went on for a little while longer and then individual discussions ended up happening while others were sleeping. Sarah and Kookie and Tae were singing along with the radio while she played with her tiger and kept Kookie awake. Suga was resting in the back, and Jhope and Jin were discussing what they wanted to do. Jimin and Jenni and Namjoon where chatting away. After a little while they wanted snacks and pulled over. It was a quick stop but the girls ran in to grab drinks while the guys got snacks. The guys got their snacks and went back to the car while the girls decided on what they wanted. "I hope it doesn't take us much longer I'm bored of sitting." Sarah said. "Yea same here I want to run!" Jenni said laughing. "I like your hair, you too look good." The guy at the register said. "Oh thank you." Sarah said with a smile. "Yea the matching pigtails is cute." He said "Wait what?" Sarah said and turned to Jenni. "What?" Jenni asked "Wow we are matching." "You just noticed this?" Jenni said laughing. "Wow obviously I'm not fully awake yet. " "Thank you." Jenni said taking the drinks and they headed back to the car. Once the car started moving again Sarah turned slightly to face jenni. "You know that dude was hitting on us right?" Sarah asked Jenni. "Was he really?" "Yes! I mean seriously he said we looked good and then even called us cute." "Wow. You were oblivious to our hair matching and I'm oblivious to guys hitting on us." Jenni said laughing. "Do we need to go beat this guy up?" Namjoon asked. "Nope we are not turning around keep going Kookie." Jenni said pointing straight ahead. "No one can take us from our guys." Sarah said giving Kookie a peck on the cheek. "Here!" Tae said and Sarah turned to face him. He had food in his hands. She opened her mouth and he shoved some bread into it. Sarah tried to eat it fast and finally when she could talk. "Thank you Tae!" "Yea have some more." He said shoving more food into her mouth. "Kookie" He said and Kookie slightly glanced and was about to say something when Tae shoved food into his mouth. This caused several laughs to come out of the girls. "Tae don't feed the driver! You might cause an accident." Jin said from the back. "But he needs to be fed." Tae said. "Then I can feed him." Sarah said and grabbed the food from Tae. "Noooo I want to do it." He tried to reach for it but Sarah moved it out of his grasp. "Sorry you can feed Jimin or Namjoon and Jenni." Sarah said "But they are making out." Tae whined "What!!!" Sarah turned to face them. "Yah!! no one needs to see that!" "Yea seriously noone else needs to be scarred by seeing that!" Kookie said finally being able to talk. "Come on its not going to go that far." Jenni said "That's it Jimin get between the two." Yoongi said and Jimin tried to get between them. "You all suck!" Jenni pouted as Jimin forced his way between the two. After a little bit longer they finally ended up at the festival. They all quickly piled out of the car. There was so much going on. They saw a bunch of booths that were selling anime items and Japanese snacks and drinks. There were a bunch of learning booths as well and clothing booths. The first thing that grabbed Jenni's attention was the Giant panda. "Panda!!!" Jenni yelled and clapped her hands together. She ran over to the big blow up and took a picture. Namjoon stood next to her as Sarah took a picture of Namjoon and Jenni and the giant panda. "Look it's giant pikachu!!!" Jhope yelled and took off running. He was so excited he ended up running into someone. "yah!" he heard and quickly turned it apologize. "I'm so sorry I was excited about pikachu." He said bowing. "It's ok just watch where you are going." He looked up to see a girl...he was just staring at her. "Hobi! Did you hurt someone?" Tae asked He snapped out of his trance and looked back at Tae. "Well I have to go see you around." She said and walked away. "What was that about?" Jin asked "She was pretty." Jhope said and finally went back to going to pikachu. "Oh Kookie let's try on kimonos!" Sarah said pulling him towards the booth. "I think that's a girl thing." He stated trying to stop her from taking him. "Please. Noone else wants to." Sarah gave him the puppy dog eyes and he crumbled. Excitedly they headed over. After a little but they got there turn and got the kimonos put on. They took a picture together and then went to go find the others. Jenni and Namjoon had been making paper lanterns. Namjoon kept tearing the paper and eventually gave up. Jenni finished one and then they walked around to see the other booths. Jimin, Tae and Jin stopped to play a bunch of games. They were having a competition between each other. Yoongi had ended up leaving them so he could go enjoy the Japanese music that was being played. Jhope went with him but wanted to get a snack and a drink. While he was away he ran into the girl again. "Hey, you're the girl from earlier." He said "Yeah my names Danielle." "Hi I'm Hoseok." "Nice to meet going to..." He interrupted her. "Do you want to come hang out with me and my friends?" "What?Why?" She asked "I...I just feel this connection with you. I think you would be fun to hang with." She looked around and then finally decided to answer him. "Ok but I want to watch the Cosplay contest." She said "Ok! So do we." He said and with that they headed over to the stage and sat next to Yoongi. Eventually everyone else ended up by the stage and was chatting away. Sarah and Jenni flocked to Danielle and were asking her lots of questions. She too had come from Seoul to go to the festival. "Oh my gosh a tiger!" Sarah screamed randomly. Everyone looked around. "Oh my gosh it's a backpack." Jenni said "Yes Pandas and Tigers are here!" Sarah said laughing. "I like Penguins." Danielle said "Well if you had to pick between Tiger and Panda what would you pick?" Jhope asked "Tigers." She stated "Yay!" Sarah said with a laugh. They chatted some more and then they exchanged numbers. They wanted to see more of Danielle and they hadn't scared her off yet. After the Cosplay contest they were going to head home and eat. This time Sarah took the drivers side. Jenni was sitting in the passengers side. "Feed me please!" Sarah said as Jenni pulled out some fries. "You know what doing this individually is going to take forever. Here." Jenni said sticking the fries in front of Sarah's face. She shoved her face into the fries container. "Dude this isn't working." Sarah said after barely getting one fry out. "Oh maybe I should do this." Jenni said turning the container around. Sarah stuck her face back into it. This time she got a bunch in her mouth. "I feel like I'm a horse. All you need to do is tie this around my head and it's like how they feed horses. " Sarah said causing Jenni to laugh. "Oh my gosh! Sarah is another animal!" Jenni said laughing harder. "Jhope we can be horses together!" Sarah said causing the boys in the back to laugh. "Yes! We are meant to be Horses!" Jhope said After a few minutes they had discussed stopping to get gas and then they would change seats. Kookie peaked his head forward and tried to nussle his face into Sarah's neck. "Kookie stop, you can't to do that to the driver. Wait till we get home." Sarah said trying to move out of his reach. "Yea we don't want to see that, plus you said Namjoon and I couldn't do anything so blah!" Jenni said sticking her tongue out at Sarah. As Sarah turned to stick her tongue out at Jenni there was a scream causing Sarah to jerk the car. "What the hell!!" Sarah said looking in the mirror. "Does the road end" this caused Sarah to look at the road. She was shocked did it? There was a road block ahead of her. She started to press the break. "Oh no it goes that way." Sarah said laughing and following the road. "Don't scare the driver like that!" After that little scare Sarah pulled off the highway and they stopped to get gas, then the seating changed in the car. Sarah continued to drive while Kookie took the passenger seat. They finally arrived back at the girls place and all piled in. It wasn't too late but they were all tired from there little adventure. They all just sat down in the living room and watched tv till they all got tired then they all went to bed.
The next morning they went with the boys back to there place so they could change and go practice. The girls were really excited about being able to watch them from start to finish with there practice. In the middle of practice they got to order food and eat and chat. "So when is your next comeback do you know yet?" Sarah asked "Yea." "Can you tell us?" Jenni asked she'd "Well you'll find out soon." Yoongi said "Come on tell us please!" Sarah pouted. "October 10th." Tae said "Yah! Tae you weren't suppose to tell them!" Jin said "Like it matters with them. It's not like they are going to tell anyone. It'll be released before they go on air tomorrow." Jimin added. "Well I'm excited finally an official date!" Sarah said shoving food into her mouth. "Yeah. I can't wait." Jenni said. "Oh hey we should give you a warning then." Namjoon said causing Jenni and Sarah to look at him. "Why's that?" Jenni asked "After next weekend we are going to be super busy and won't be able to spend alot of time with you two." Jhope said "Aww, we understand." Sarah said They discussed a few other things and continued to eat. After they finished eating the yummy food they got, the boys started to practice again. The girls left for a bit to get drinks but that was the only time they weren't in the same room. They both had been reading and writing if they weren't watching the guys. When the guys finally finished the girls said there goodbyes because they needed to go to sleep because they did work in the morning. Before they left they got a notification from there vapp and opened it up. They smiled seeing the boys name. They ended up watching the comeback trailer and then screaming and fangirling. After several minutes they finally ended up leaving. They talked about the video for most of the walk home and when they got home they quickly went to bed. Both girls were really tired. Monday morning came quickly. The morning show went by fast and before They knew it, it was over and they went home. They had a surprise of Namjoon and Kookie being there when they got home. They both just wanted to cuddle before having to go back to the practice room. Which neither girl objected. The guys had enough time to walk them back to work and then went their own way. The girls walked in and got situated. "Gooood Morning lovely listeners this is Diamond with Ruby and I'm in a good mood this morning thanks to BTS dropping there comeback trailer. Who else is pissed that they didn't warn us? I'm ok with it because Jhope was amazing and his voice and Kookie's voice...oh my God I'm going to die!" "Yea me too! But the only thing that I want to know is what are the concept photos going to look like. As of right now there is no information on that just the album and that you can get 4 different covers. Everything is a mystery." Jenni said "I know I hate you bighit! haha ok I don't, it's the only company that can keep doing this to me and I'm ok with it." Sarah said laughing. "Yes same here. Diamond...Diamond...." "Yes Ruby?" "Let's talk about the festival we went to on Saturday." "Oh yes! let's do that!" Sarah said excitedly. "This festival was amazing although driving a totally of 6 hrs round trip sucked the event itself was amazing." "Hey we had fun in the car we even ended up playing with our stuffed animals and had a couple sing-a-longs." Sarah said "Haha true, it was pretty funny. Plus we met a new girl there and I swear she is going to be our best friend." Jenni said "Yeah and it's great that she lives here and not there." "Yea so Danielle if you are listening you better hangout with us." Jenni said laughing. "Ok Ruby that sounds like you are threatening her to be our friend." "Oh does it? I'm sorry please hang out with us. Better?" "Better." They talked about a little bit more of individual things that were at the festival and how excited Jenni was of seeing a giant panda and the festival and she said she'd upload the picture of the panda and pikachu onto the web page. "Oh my gosh we have to tell them this!" Sarah said excitedly "What?" Jenni asked "We bought little kimonos for our stuffed animals. Kookie and Joonie are now dressed." Sarah said laughing. "Yeah I was joking about us buying some but when we same them in the right size we jumped on it." Jenni said laughing. "Alrighty now off we go to listen to some music when we come back we will take some callers." "Hey let's talk about the Animal thingy." Sarah said once the music was playing. "Oh my you mean the conversation we had on the swing the other day?" "Yes!" "Ok we can bring it up after we talk with some callers. After a few songs they did take some callers and some callers were talking about the comeback trailer for BTS and others asked questions about the festival. They had alot more callers than they thought so they spend a good amount of time talking. They played a bit of music and when they came back they started talking about what Sarah wanted to talk about. "Alright so we wanted to add more friends to our group of stuffed animal love so I asked one of my friends about what kind of animal she would want and she said a unicorn. At first I was ok with it but then I thought wait no you have to have a real animal. I told her she could have a horse and we can put a horn on it to make it look like a unicorn. She was ok with that." "What about a reindeer that's fake." "What no they arent they live in Norway." Sarah said wondering if her friend was joking. "Oh yea you're right. But Rudolph doesn't exist. " "You're right but....during the winter I'm rudolph." "We are all Rudolph in the winter Diamond." "Haha yea true, true. but you know what I'm going to go to Norway, since I'm 100% sure they have reindeer and buy one." "Diamond why don't you just go to a reindeer farm?" "Ruby if I did that then I'm sure when I tried to get on it, it would hurt me since It doesn't know me." "I guess that would happen." "So I'll buy one and in winter time I'll get on its back and ride it and call us rudolph." "Oh my god are you serious?" Jenni said laughing. "Yes, yes I am." Sarah said with a serious expression. "Ok well then how would you get home? I'm sure you can't get a reindeer on a plane." This made Sarah stop and think for a second. "I'll have him fly." Jenni bust up laughing even more. "Right because it's magical." "It is!!! Santa's reindeer can fly so why can't mine?" "Ok Diamond let's say your reindeer can fly are you really going to fly it home?" "Yes! My reindeer doesn't have a name yet so I will fly it directly to bighit and have one of the bts members name him." "Oh my gosh yes. But who?" "Honestly I wouldn't care. whoever wanted to name him could. Or they could combined all there ideas and make one big name." "There's seven of them so each day of the week you could change its name." "Hahaha that could work. But that poor reindeer wouldn't know it's name since it would keep changing." "Ok so whoever got to it first would get to name the reindeer." Jenni said trying to see what else her friend had in store. "Dude you know how excited those boys would be if someone from there work walks into a practice room like. 'Hey there's a girl outside with a reindeer.' the guy wouldn't even finish saying the rest of the sentence because V and Suga and probably Rap Monster would be out the door wanting to see the one reindeer." "Haha so true. V and Suga were really excited on the v app when they were at Santa's village or whatever it was called." Jenni said "Yea and Rap Monster wasn't able to be there so he would want to see one." "Poor Rap Monster, but he learned his lesson." Jenni said shifting in her seat. "I bet you V would be like 'can i ride it?' and I'd have to say yes but please don't take it too far that's my only way home." "He would never come back." "Yea he would he wouldn't want me upset....well actually he might." Sarah said tapping her finger on her chin. "I could see you offering if they wanted to keep the Reindeer as a pet that you were included." "Yea cuz our ship name is Rudolph." "Wait how is that possible?" Jenni asked "I don't know, it just is ok...don't ask to much about it." Sarah laughed "Anyways, you would be there pet and they could cuddle with the reindeer." "No, no reindeer aren't cuddly they could cuddle with me." "Oh my gosh I could see you saying that." Jenni said laughing. The conversation continued and then slowly got onto a normal topic. They finished the show with more music. As they were walking out they both got a text. When the got down to the front doors they saw 2 familiar figures and they smiled. Sarah and Kookie went off on there own while Namjoon and Jenni went on there own as well. Namjoon and Jenni walked around a bit and finally ended up in a bookstore. They both looked for a few books and eventually purchased a few. Once they left they went to a coffee shop to drink some coffee and talk. They were running out of time to see each other so they wanted to spend as much time as they could together. It was odd for the two to have a serious conversation that didn't end too quickly. Maybe it was the setting they had been in that Jenni stayed serious. Sarah and Kookie had went to get food. They ate at a small place and then went to go for a stroll along the river. They held hands and talked about things. It felt like they hadn't talked in days with how much they had to say. Finally Sarah stopped and turned to Kookie. He smiled and pulled her hood up over her head and pulled her close to him and connected their lips. Sarah was melting into the kiss when he pulled away. She wanted more and expressed it but Kookie just smiled and interlocked there fingers and started walking again. Sarah was thinking she was going to miss kissing him, but maybe they could handle it. Both girls ended up back at their place early in their eyes but the guys had a long night ahead of them and they had to say goodbye. For the first time in a while they went to bed early. The next day was going to come faster than they thought. 3am came fast and they got up and went to work. The morning show they talked a bit but played mostly music. They wanted to save some material for the afternoon show. The girls talked to Julia and Boss Man for a bit then went home to clean and eat. When it was time for them to come back they were wide eyed and bouncing off the walls. "Hey hey hey!!! How is everyone doing today?" Jenni asked "I know we are finally wide awake and ready for the rest of the day." Sarah said "Did anyone see got7 the other day?" Jenni said "Oh my gosh we totally forgot to talk about them! I'm so sorry Boys!" Sarah said bowing to the mic. "Diamond they can't see that you are bowing." Jenni said. "Geez Ruby thanks for that." Sarah said with a laugh. "No problem. But holy moly got7 has killed me." Jenni said. "My god yes! like what the heck are they doing!" "I love the music video." Jenni said "Yea have you listened to the full album yet?" Sarah asked "No not yet." "My goodness when we get home you are going to listen to it. It is amazing! You know what we are going to play the song right now. Enjoy lovely listeners." Sarah said and played Hard Carry. They played a few other songs and then took a few callers to see what they thought of the new album. "You know what I want them back on the show." Sarah said turning to look at boss man. "Yea I agree, but I bet they are busy so it may be a while." Jenni said "I'm so ok with that but I guess we probably won't see them for a while we have a bunch of other groups that are coming into the studio over this month." Sarah said with are sad face. "Hey we don't really know if they aren't, We haven't been told who is coming this week, heck they don't tell us who it is until the day of." Jenni said and the girls discussed who else they wanted to have on there shows and a few people called in to add who they wanted to hear on the show.
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So the albums have 4 different covers you can choose from? Omo, that's awesome!
yup each has a different smoke design. I belive I got G I can't remeber now....there was a deal on kpop mart it was 50 for all for and shipping was only like 25 dollars more
Oh, oh, need B1A4's Sandeul on the show. He's good friends with Jin, and his first solo album is coming out soon. (He and Jin are my daughter's UBs, so I am hearing about this solo album ALL the time).
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Haha yes so excited
OmG I loved it!!!!! lol our stuffed animal pass time! I'm shocked you didn't post the pictures
they were on snap chat and didn't save