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In case you're wondering, yes, this is Exo's actual choreography for White Noise. Kasper (first group, orange shirt) is actually a choreographer for SM and he frequently works with Exo, which means he's probably the choreographer of this dance. I just thought I would post this here because I sort of have a crush on him at the moment and because it's nice to actually be able to see and appreciate the choreography.
Honestly, if you really look at the backup dancer for almost every performance by SM artists you'll probably find Kasper there. Here are three of the many performances he's in: Mr Mr (guy dancing with Jessica after the first chorus), Taemin's Danger, Taeyeon's Why (the guy who dances with Taeyeon).
That 1Million dance studio. You know you are in deep when you can tell which studio is which. *sigh*
Haha yeah I know. Their studio is pretty distinct though (maybe it's because I watch so many of their videos lol) so it's not too difficult to differentiate it from other studios.