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This add on Facebook for Youtube shows CL with the title, Princess of Pop.... As kpoppers we all know her as the Queen of Kpop. Does this offend you? Or do you see it as She is the Queen of Kpop but she is the princess of Pop? Is this the break CL needs to get out and land her foot in American pop? What do you think. Is she still a Queen of all Pop or not? MELODY MOD SQUAD: @LemonLassie @AimeeH @StephanieDuong @IsoldaPazo @MandyNoona @Bangtanss @Helixx @MelissaGarza VIXXEN SQUAD: @StephanieDuong @JiyongLeo @AimeeH @Helixx @LemonLassie CHOCO CONE CREW: Jiji- @JiyongLeo Helixx- @Helixx Mandy- @MandyNoona Stef- @StefaniTre Stephanie- @StephanieDuong Sol- @IsoldaPazo Lemon- @LemonLassie Vinny- @twistedPuppy Aime- @AimeeH Stephany- @Stephany123 Michelle- @Bangtanss emily- @ercurrent VINGLE FAM: @SarahVanDorn @ZitaMahoney @KaitlynHewitt @AbbyRamey @NaughTAE @princessunicorn @BrennaTran @SugaOnTop @bbyitskatie @CrookedShadow @ToppDogg @BBxGD @lovetop @Emealia @KpopGaby @ashleyemmert @KeziahWright @twistedPuppy @Ercurrent @JaiiPanda @Sailynn @AmberFranco @sarahdarwish @LocoForJiyong @MadAndrea @SimplyAwkward
CL is definitely one of the queens of kpop (BoA and Lee Hyori are the other two imo), but I don't think she's done enough to be considered a queen of pop yet. Beyonce, Madonna, and Lady Gaga are considered to be Queen of Pop and when you compare CL to those three there is still a discrepancy in terms of their accomplishments in the American industry. I honestly think that if CL keeps at it she'll eventually become a queen of pop, but for now I think the title of Princess of Pop is fitting.
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I understand why they called her the princesses but CL will always be Queen in my heart. Nothing against Beyonce but there was a point where they played her so much that I actually got sick of her and stopped listening. That is not to say every now and again I don't go back and listen to her. CL will be Queen soon A princess should only move up not down.
@BabydollBre so true!
@JustinaNguyen you took the words out of my mouth. CL is definitely the Queen of kpop, but here in the US she still needs to prove herself. I'm sure she'll be proving that she just as good as Beyonce or Lady Gaga soon.