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Do you guys like EXO? Do you guys like Vines? Then please enjoy these EXO Vine compilations! They had me absolutely rolling in laughter!

Warning: Swearing and sexual jokes in some Vines.

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*Credit to YouTuber K-Pop Vines for the videos

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On a scale of Chanyeol to Suho, how did you react?

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the first one had me laughing so hard I'm afraid to watch any more hahaha
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ahhhh I watched them all! I died laughing a thousand times!
I like vines
I'm trying to watch this in the back room at my work but everyone can hear me laughing XD
u know i haven't really looked up exo but after this it's a must now馃槀馃槀馃槀
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And the antics are outrageous
EXO has some of the best vines
They're better than a lot of the BTS vines
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