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OPPA LAST GENTLEMAN PERFORMANCE I AM LOVING IT OPPA IS A COMPLETE GENTLEMAN <3 <3 <3 :-* SOO DAMN SHEXXY AND CUTE :-* the 2nd video has the full performance few seconds are cut ou in the first one but its HD i knw we wd n't even wanna miss few seconds of oppa performance oppa is really awesome oppa is my gentleman <3 :-* Kim Hyun Joong performs 'Gentleman' for his Goodbye Stage in Inkigayo 08.25.13 아쉽다~ This already means the end of promotion for Kim Hyun Joong's 3rd Mini Album 'Round 3'. I'm a bit saddened by it since it will take some time before we see him again in music shows. But despite that, I'm happy for him getting another opportunity in another field which is acting. ^^ 잘했어 김현중!! ^^ if dis is true i am sad i will miss oppa and his aweome stage performances :( but i def wish him best of luck in his new acting project but this can't be oppa last performance thgh lols i will def sighh he is performer ofcousrse i will c him perform more love u oppa <3 :-* Read more:
@saharjalpari9 thank you soo much :D
everybody the credit for posting this performance shd go to @hebamaher she posted it first but her video got blocked so i post it again :) thankyu unnie enjoy everyone <3
love it, @saharjalpari9 thanks for posting. this is my new favorite song of oppa.