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Today is sadly the end of quarter 3, but do not fear, quarter 4 is beginning and we have a lot in store for you all! The last card to wrap up the quarter is our interpretation of "Memories of BTOB" So in this card, I'll be going through all my great memories of BTOB. (^∇^)

So here is my interpretation of "Memories of BTOB":

1) My first song I heard from BTOB: Insane

Yup. My first song I ever heard from BTOB was their debut song! I found them about 3 years ago, so not quite when they first debuted. But, it's still one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONGS FROM THEM.

2) Their first win

I'm still so proud of them. They deserved to win MUCH MUCH earlier than just last year, so I'm so glad they got the appreciation and love they deserve!! (‐^▽^‐) If you never watched the video of them winning, here it is with English subtitles! (YAY!)

3) Seeing them live at KCON

How much was I fangirling? ---> By the time they started singing the first note, I was in tears. (˃̥̥ω˂̥̥̥) They were just amazing and I'm completely honored that I had the chance to see them perform live!! (^∇^)
That's all for my memories of BTOB. Of course they have so many more memories for me, but these are the most important ones to me!

I hope you all show this group full of talented dorks some love!! ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

And thank you for making this first quarter as mod support for my first group amazing! I thank my moderator team and for all you Melodies for supporting us and BTOB!

I hope you all get more involved in the next quarter! (*・▽・*)

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@LemonLassie I hope they go on a world tour soon.
this is so amazing Steph! I'm so glad you got to see them at KCON! I'm wishing them to be here next year!
Oh seeing them at KCon for sure. Since my daughter got a BTOB hi touch, she was in heaven the whole day.
THAT'S AMAZING!!! I'm happy she got to hi-touch them! 😁💙
I've watch the video of their first win at least a half a dozen times before, but I still teared up this time. That moment honestly makes my heart happy.