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Hello everyone!! Ji here!! I'm so happy to announce that I'm VIXX Mod once again!!
I'm so excited because MY SCHEDULE IS FINALLY WORKING ITSELF OUT SO I CAN POST NOW!!!! Let me introduce my mod team!
I will be representing the beautiful Jung Taekwoon!
I'm super excited to be bringing you Taekwoon days every Saturday!
@Helixx will be joining me once again to represent the sexy Ravi!
Look forward to Ravi days every Thursday!
@AimeeH will also be joining me once again to represent hilarious Ken!
Look out for Ken days every Friday
@LemonLassie will be joining us to represent chabooty N!
Look for N days every Sunday!
@resavalencia will be joining us to represent adorable Hongbin!
Prepare for Hongbin days every Wednesday!
@StephanieDuong will be joining us to represent manly maknae Hyuk!
Watch for Hyuk days every Tuesday!!
If you would like to be tagged in these awesome VIXX cards please comment on the card >>> HERE <<<
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Thursdays and Saturdays will be my two new favorite days of the week lol
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I'll look forward to those days of the week!!
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I'm so excited!!!!
a year ago·Reply
I'll be looking forward to see all you bring in the new quarter. ☺
a year ago·Reply
I believe they will make it awesome! Congrats all mods.
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