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So I have let the YouTubes fall to neglect and completely forgot to check in on my abridged series until my roomie alerted me to Team Four Star's upload of episode 55 of DBZA! If you haven't checked out this series, I highly recommend! It starts a little slow, and obviously there's a lot of it, but trust me, it's worth it! I also highly recommend their Hellsing Ultimate Abridged series (3rd video of this block - warning: that's a compilation of the first 3 episodes, so it's long!)!
This prompted me to do the rounds and check up on some others, like Something Witty Entertainment's SAO Abridged, which had also uploaded an episode since I last checked! This series started strong, but lost me with their other early episodes (particularly the Christmas one...), but then it got better again! This episode was no disappointment!
Reality Punch Studios have also uploaded their season 1 finale of Abridge on Titan! I haven't checked out Slap on Titan yet, so I can't compare, but I love this series! They even did a crossover once with Takahata101 (of Team Four Star), whose own AoT Abridged series was unable to continue after its first episode for bs reasons that he's still SUPER salty about! I particularly love how they referenced back to the "Please Don't Kill Us, Please" song in this one (I think that's what got me hooked; end of Episode 5 - 2nd video in this block) and their incorporating bits of "Jiyuu no Tsubasa" into their "F*** It" song for this episode!
Another of my favorite abridged series, 50% Off by Octopimp, has not had a new episode lately, but I thought it was worth a mention anyway because I love it SO MUCH! It actually deserves pretty much all of the credit for my checking out Free! The best abridged series change as little as possible from the originals, I think, and I was astonished to find how hilariously accurate 50% Off is! Highly recommend, regardless of whether you watch or like Free!
Abridged series can be a bit delicate, in my opinion, because it is so easy to cross the line to the land of bs that's just too stupid to be funny, which I guess still appeals to some people, but not me, personally. However, when they're done right, like these gems, they are amazing!

So what's your favorite abridged series!?

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I love ech episode I binge watch the first two seasons all the time
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I can tell where not .. safe ha haha
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hellsing ultimate abridged.
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naruto abridged
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