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It was like any other day of college only this time it was worse. I was walking up the stairs to my locker when I'm suddenly stopped by girls from my music class. Look who decided to show her face after running off stage yesterday. "Just leave me alone today I don't want any problems". Oh you don't want any problems she says pushing me. I tried to walk away but she wouldn't let me. Baekhyun Pov I was walking with Chanyeol to our next class when I see Y/N from music class being pushed around. Let go of me! You want me to let go fine. She suddenly let's go of Y/N and without thinking I run up and catch her as we both fall down the stairs hitting every step. End of pov I look up to see Baekhyun he was bleeding I was to but I was more worried about him. I look up and they all look so shocked. "Baekhyun..Baekhyun.... someone call an ambulance. Soon the ambulance arrived and and I pass out right next to Baekhyun. When I came to I looked around panicking, worried, and hurt. Just then I see Baekhyun in the bed next to me so I try and get up. Y/N your awake but you need to lay back down. "How's Baekhyun?" He's fine nothing major so he's just resting now. "That's good...ah". Easy your back had some minor injuries like Baekhyun. "Can you pass me some water". Here you go. "Thanks". Ah...."Baekhyun". Just lay back down Baek. Y/N your okay he says with the cutest smile making me blush. I'll leave you two alone for a while Chanyeol says leaving. "Baekhyun why did you do that you have a big singing career and you got hurt for me why?" Because you have talent I've heard you sing before and all you have to do is get past being nervous and you can be a very wonderful singing and also I really like you. Blushing I was at a loss for words so I get up and walk over to him. "I like you to" I say laying down on his bed with him. After that me, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol started hanging out more outside of music class and going out places together. Soon me and Baekhyun were known as college sweethearts and after a month we started dating. "Oppa what would be the best entertainment to join if I wanted to be a Singer?" Anything besides SM ent. "I'll look into it thenand Oppa". Yeah Y/N? "Saranghae and thank you for everything also thank you Chanyeol for being there for me when baek wasn't around". Anything for my best friend. "Now let's go out and have some fun are you guys in?" Of course we are in let's go. That was just the start of something beautiful and they were the best of family since that day on. This is not owner of account this is her best friend just kidding it's me and I'm sorry if it's bad.